Saturday, March 04, 2017

Saturday TV: World Wide Wrestling (5/31/86)

This is one of a series of tremendous episodes of "World Wide Wrestling" that aired in the spring and summer of 1986, one of JCP's hottest creative periods.

The show contains a ton of special video taped segments and vignettes and a couple of fun matches all part of the slow-burn build up to the great American Bash in July.

The show features the famous contract signing with Sandy Scott between Magnum T.A. and Nikita Koloff for the U.S. Heavyweight championship where Nikita insults Magnum's mother and the two have a big brawl. This eventually leads to Magnum being stripped of the title and the establishment of the famous "best-of-seven" series between the two.

Also clips of altercations between Ric Flair and Ricky Morton, which would eventually lead to the two headlining the huge Great American Bash stadium show in Charlotte that year.

Arn Anderson defends the TV title against Hector Guerrero, one of the famous Guerrero brothers in wrestling during that era.

But the highlight for me was the next chapter in the "James Boys" story which was one of my favorite little side stories that spring. Cornette demands a rematch with the James Boys who had defeated his Midnight Express weeks earlier on WTBS. Thinking he would finally prove that the James Boys were actually Magnum T.A. and Dusty Rhodes, they unmasked the team to reveal that they were - - Tony Zane and Sam Houston! Were those the real James Boys?? Cornette had been had and his temper tantrum is another Cornette classic.