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JCP on WTBS: World Championship Wrestling 11/2/85

World Championship Wrestling
Jim Crockett Promotions
November 2nd 1985
Episode on the WWE Network

This is a review of World Championship Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network, and was prepared by @Dynasty_heel

Episode starts off with a tape of the Midnight expressing attacking Jimmy Valiant however it was brief.

Tony Schiavone and David Crockett on commentary.

Shows a tape from October 19th in Greensboro, Magnum T.A vs Tully Blanchard in progress, showing that both men could not get to their feet within the 10 count.

1st Match
Raging Bull (Manny Fernandez) vs Tommy Lane.

Match starts off with a crisscross between the wrestlers with Bull hitting a hip toss on Lane, shortly after Bull decides to do an arm drag and work on the arm along with some vicious chops to the chess. Bull wins with the forearm strike flying burrito.


Interview with Ric Flair by David Crockett.
Flair basically says that he’s been defending the World championship all over the world, and mentions how his farther was “the greatest physician in the whole state of Minnesota” and continues to say that Its impossible for Dusty Rhodes to wrestle with a broken leg. And he says that if Rhodes makes the mistake of getting back in the ring he will simply laugh at him.

Interview with Arn and Ole Anderson.
Arn says that Dusty is “Long on guts, but short on brains” because he choose to take the cast of his leg. Then explains that It’s mentally impossible for him to make it back. Ole says something similar to what Arn said in that Its “Too Soon” for Rhodes to make it back to the ring.
The Minnesota Wrecking Crew seems to be cheered weirdly enough by the entire TV Studio

Match Two
Buddy Landel vs Tony Zane
Match starts off by Landel going straight for Lane with left and rights in the corner to Zane, Landel then hits his Elbow drop, applies his Figure 4 leg lock and Zane taps out.

Interview with James J Dillon
Dillon begins by talking about Starrcade and issues a challenge to Terry Taylor for the National Heavyweight Title. Landel shines in and says, that he’s sick and tired of just beating guys that he knows that he can beat and he wants the National title.

Match Three
The Rock and Roll Express vs Mike Davis and George South
The match starts off with The Rock and Roll Express working on the leg with double team moves and submissions. Davis and South get the upper hand only for the R&R Express hitting a double dropkick for the pin.

Interview with Tully Blanchard
Talking about his match with Magnum T.A and states that it took him 3 days to recover from it.

TAPE - NWA President Bob Geigel states that he cannot sanction a match between T.A and Blanchard in an I quit Match because of the animosity between the two, and it’s simply too dangerous.

Match Four
Billy Jack Haynes vs Black Cat
Match starts off slow, with chinlocks and Haynes striking at the Black Cat. Haynes then Irish Whips Cat and executes a hiptoss followed by a suplex and an elbow drop but It wasn’t enough to put Cat away, Haynes applies a Full Nelson and Cat submits for the win.


Interview with Dusty’s Doctor Joeseph Estwanik
Who explains Dusty’s new cast which is new invented over the past couple of years and the goal is to allow him to compete and still provide protection. They then compare a regular wrestling boot and Dusty’s custom made boots, in which they say that his new boot will again provide further protection, and his doctor will soon reevaluate his ankle

Match Five
Magnum T.A vs Keith Erich
Standard T.A studio match, hits the belly-to- belly within seconds and gets the pin for the win.

Interview with Superstar Billy Graham
Graham’s Interview quickly gets interrupted by Paul Jones, and simply says that if he doesn’t have the guts to get in the ring before the arm wrestling contest, then he can tell the people. Billy then says that he wants to arm wrestle the Barbarian for 5,000 dollars and is questioning where he is.

Match Six
Superstar Billy Graham vs Abdullah The Butcher
As Graham was taking off his T-Shirt he gets attacked by Abdullah and slams him into the post, shortly after he repeatedly headbutts Graham’s arm, however Graham was able too fight off Butcher and strangle him with some kind of cable. But Abdullah quickly gains the advantage by choking him on the ropes and with outside help form Jones. After that Graham locks on a bear hug however Abdullah gets out off it and tries to hit his running elbow,  but Graham gets out of harms way before The Barbarian interferes and hits two diving headbutts. Match ends in Disqualification.


Match Seven
Pez Whatley vs Benny Traylor
Match starts off with a side headlock by Whatley, then transitions into a hammerlock as he hits kneedrops onto the arm. Whatley later on hits a gutwrench and goes into a chinlock, soon hits a backdrop and stomps on the face and once again goes back to the Hammerlock. As the match progressed, Whatley started to get slightly mad at Traylor for pulling his hair as he went back into the side headlock more aggressively, flying headbutt for the pin.

Interview with Black Bart and James. J Dillon
Dillon goes on too say that in Pro Wrestling Illustrated, he is running 3rd or 4th for manager of the year. He takes that as a personal insult because for the past two years in a row, he was manager of the year back to back. Bart then explains that Bass “Doesn’t stand a chance” against him at Starrcade in their Texas Bullrope match and reassures Dillon that Bass won’t get past him because if Bass beats Bart, he gets 5 minutes with Dillon.


Interview with Jim Crockett Jr
Crockett announces that next week, Billy Jack Haynes vs Thunderfoot will happen on the program.
Tony Schiavone and David Crockett talk about the tag team title match at Starrcade, The Russians vs The Rock and Roll express as they begin to run down the Starrcade card.

Crockett announces a Mexican Deathmatch with Manny Fernandez vs Abdullah The Butcher. And goes on to say that he needs to solve the rivalry with Magnum T.A and Tully Blanchard.

TAPE: They show a tape where T.A kisses Baby Doll and partially strips her before Blanchard jumps him from behind as a wild brawl ensues.  Crockett also  announces that they are sanctioning the I quit match in a steel cage for the U.S heavyweight title.


Match Eight
Tully Blanchard vs Denny Brown
Tully is enraged about the match at Starrcade being sanctioned as he goes full speed at Brown, with quick elbows and vicious body slams. Brown attempts a sunset flip but Blanchard kicks out as Brown gains control of the match before Blanchard slams his head into the corner. But yet again Brown somehow manages to get the upper hand, he then  goes to the second rope and dives at Blanchard but he got his knees up. Slingshot Suplex for the pin.

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew are back out and similar to Tully, they are losing it at the fact that Crockett made the I quit match official. Ole in particular mentions that he knows “ a whole bunch of lawyers” and complains that before, Tully only had one more commitment to wrestle T.A but now since the I quit Match is now sanctioned he know has two  matches with T.A. and says that if they even get one chance they are going to take T.A out. Arn then comments on Dusty’s boot and gives a scenario were if his arm was hurt, he would get Ole to tape it up, and they would go to the ring.


Match Nine
Nikita Koloff vs Mac Jeffers
Usual Nikita match at this point with him basically destroying his opponent, as he hits a back elbow and slams his head into the corner, then proceeds to choke his opponents as shortly after he his the "Sickle" for the pin.

Interview with the Russians, with Nikita talking about what seems to be talking about Ric Flair and his championship (It is hard to understand what he's saying. Krusher then explains how the Road Warriors are "lost" and how they keep facing people who are shorter than them. Ivan says that they want to prove a point, and starts talking about the Rock and Roll express, and how dangerous the Steel Cage can be.

Match Ten
Ivan Koloff and Khrusher Khrushchev vs Ricky Reeves and Jerry Garmon.
Ivan hits a back elbow along with a body slam and a leg drop as he tags in Khrushchev, he then hip tosses his opponent out of the corner, throughout the match, quick tags are being shown by The Russians. Khrushchev then hits some devastating strikes in the corner as Ivan hits a double axe handle off the second rope. Khrushchev hits a "Sickle" for the pin.

Match Eleven
Jimmy Valiant vs Jimmy Black
Valiant right from the start goes after black as he hits a huge back drop, then works on a nerve submission. A lady then appears from the crown and gets in the ring to kiss Valiant only to walk away, but before that, she knocks out Black with a right hand and Jimmy gets the pin.

Interview with Jim Cornette
Cornette claims that Valiant knows who the mysterious woman is , and he planned the whole thing out from the start. Valiant then interrupts and is overjoyed about the woman and says that he's in love, as they play back the tape of the woman kissing him and he quickly kisses Tony Schiavone  as the show ends.

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