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The Mid-Atlantic era by name did not have an official starting date, nor did it cease to exist on a certain official date. However, the time boundaries that mark the beginning and end of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling line up nicely at 1973 and 1986 respectively, based on certain events that took place in those years.

By January of 1974, the promotion now led by Jim Crockett, Jr. and booked by George Scott had effectively switched all references to the promotion to the name "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling." The promotional materials, including event posters and newspaper ads, all said Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, and the main television show now bore that name as opposed to its earlier designations as either All-Star Wrestling or Championship Wrestling. Also significant is that the promotionís regional titles were renamed "Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight" and "Mid-Atlantic Tag Team" during the last months of 1973 from their previous designations of "Eastern Heavyweight" and "Atlantic Coast Tag Team" respectively.

In December of 1986, the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title was vacated for good, and the television show that was Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling had been renamed NWA Pro Wrestling. Crockett Promotions had begun expanding nationally and there was no longer a regional component or reference to the Mid-Atlantic area, thus the appropriate point to mark the end of the Mid-Atlantic era, the primary focus of our web site. 

- Dick Bourne & David Chappell          

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