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The Gladiator Costume

Worn in the Famous Match with the Mulkey Brothers on TBS

Gladiator #2 (George South) argues with David Crockett after being upset by the Mulkeys on World Championship Wrestling, March 28, 1987, WTBS Studios, Atlanta.



George South & Gary Royal reunite at at the Spartanburg Auditorium, Sept 2, 2003. George and Gary were the legendary Gladiators who lost to the Mulkies on TBS. They were also the cruel Connection and the Mexican Twin Devils.

This is the famous Gladiator outfit. That's Gladiator #2, I want to get that right. Gary Royal was Gladiator #1, much shorter. (laughs). This is the actual outfit, the actual hood or what’s left of it. It’s been pulled on, and I had to tape it, but this is the actual outfit from the angle with the Mulkey brothers on TBS. 


So what everyone needs to know, it was me and Gary (laughs). I have guys at independent shows tell me that they were one of the Gladiators, and I laugh and tell them “Oh, really, because I was the Gladiator with Gary Royal” and then they change the subject real fast. There are lots of people out there that will claim to be one of the Gladiators.


It’s kind of funny, we actually ordered these at the same time we ordered the Cruel Connection outfits, which were the lime green outfits, and also the Mexican Twin Devils, so we actually ordered all three together and Gary and I wrestled as all three masked tag teams.


There was a reason for all that. Sometimes Dusty would have Gary Royal and I work three times in one TV taping, as ourselves and as the Gladiators and the Cruel Connection, three different teams, but we’d only get paid once! (laughs) So Crockett was saving money, and we actually loved it because we were on TV three times. But one time, they had us in two matches, one right after the other, as the Gladiators and the Cruel Connection and I was rushing to change outfits and about didn’t make it. I screwed up and had my lime green outfit on with the blue Gladiator boots. J.J was so mad.


Once in Roanoke, the ring announcer introduced me as “from parts unknown, George South!” and I was in my Cruel Connection outfit!


What a lot of people don’t know is that the Gladiators had actually been around awhile long before we did the angle with the Mulkies, we had been wearing those outfits in the early matches on spot shows. Then they made up the story that we were West Coast Champions to put the Mulkies over, and to be an additional team for the Crockett Cup that year. We wanted to make it better, we wanted belts, but they wouldn’t give us belts, so we were billed as West Coast Champions with no belts. 



-George South

The above was transcribed from discussions Dick Bourne and David Chappell had with George as he took us on a tour around his wrestling room at his home in Concord, NC., August 20, 2003.