After 23 years, the Mid-Atlantic Gateway has ceased publication. We've had a blast along the way, and hope you have, too.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't drop by occasionally. This single page will remain open to provide information and link to our book projects and make you aware of sales and specials in the bookstore and on Amazon. We'll also be tossing in some classic posts from the past, as well as photographs and audio clips from the Gateway Archives.

We'll also keep in touch on Twitter. Follow us at @magateway.

The material from the old website - - thousands of articles, audio clips, photographs, and memories - - will be available as an archive in the near future.

Thanks to all of our contributors (see our acknowledgements here) and all of our regular readers who have so faithfully and loyally followed us for the past near-quarter century. We appreciate all of you.

See you down the road!

"At least for a little while, sir, we had us some fun." 
- Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska
MAY 2023
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