Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mooneyham: Wrestling Promoter Elliott Murnick Carried On Rich Family Legacy

Wrestling promoter Elliott Murnick carried on rich family legacy
by Mike Mooneyham, Charleston Post & Courier
June 24, 2017

Excerpts from an article that memorializes the life of Elliot Murnick and also serves as a first class education in pro wrestling history in the Mid-Atlantic area:

Elliott Murnick, whose Mid-Atlantic Wrestling promotional roots dated back to the 1950s, passed away in his sleep Monday morning at his home in Raleigh. His age was listed as 75, but to those who knew him, Elliott seemed timeless.
. . . . . . 
David Crockett, 71, was a second-generation bookend to Elliott Murnick. Sons of powerful promoters who were business partners and friends going back to the ‘50s, the two continued their fathers’ legacy in the wrestling business. The team consisted of David, with brothers Jim Jr. and Jackie Crockett, and sister Frances Crockett Ringley, who was the first woman general manager of a professional baseball team (Charlotte Orioles). And Elliott and Carl Murnick, who took over after their father’s death and continued to be heavily involved with Crockett Promotions and some of that company’s biggest events.

>>>  Read the full article on the Charleston Post & Courier

"What Happened When" Four Horsemen Series Continues

Saturday, June 24, 2017

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Friday, June 23, 2017

"What Happened When" Four Horsemen Podcast Part 2 This Monday


This coming Monday, June 26, Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson will present PART 2 of their  FOUR HORSEMEN series on their popular "What Happened When" podcast on the MLW Radio Network.

The series also celebrates the new book "Four Horsemen: A Timeline History", which has been an Amazon #1 bestseller in wrestling books most of the time since it's launch back on June 5th.

Part 1 that debuted on 6/19 (available for streaming or download now) covered the origins of the Four Horsemen, the original version with Ole Anderson, and the Lex Luger version of 1987. They left off with Lex being kicked out of the Horsemen, which sets the stage for Barry Windham joining the group in 1988. This is the version of the Horsemen that most fans pick as technically the best, but that will be an interesting point of discussion. Tony has already declared he thought the Ole Anderson version was the best. James J. Dillon has echoed those sentiments. At various times Ric Flair and Arn Anderson have also said the same. Conrad hasn't declared yet, so that particular topic will be fun this Monday.

Join Tony and Conrad as they continue to explore the early years of the Four Horsemen from their inception in 1985 through the bitter end of the Horsemen in 1999. Conrad will use the book as a road map for all the important events and happenings along the way, and Tony will fill us all in on everything that was happening behind the scenes

The special Four Horsemen podcast series with Tony and Conrad continues this Monday, June 26 on the MLW Radio Network, iTunes, and from wherever you download your podcasts.

Tune in Monday to "What Happened When"!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Champ and The Chief Wrap Up 1974

by David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

Johnny “The Champ” Valentine and “The Chief” Wahoo McDaniel had many memorable battles inside the ring while in Jim Crockett Promotions, but one of their most memorable exchanges for me didn’t involve fisticuffs, but was of the verbal variety. The two squared off during the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 1974 year-end highlights show hosted by Sam Menacker, and the verbal sparks would fly!

With Wahoo and Valentine together in the empty TV studio in December of 1974, Menacker showed a clip of Valentine brutalizing the preliminary wrestler Tapu on TV several months earlier with Wahoo coming in the ring to aid the fallen Samoan grappler. The Chief caught the Champ with a suplex and left Valentine in an exceedingly rare posture…on his back, looking up at the television studio lights.

Wahoo couldn’t help but gloat a bit at the clip saying, “There’s your champion right there. Now that’s a championship position for Johnny Valentine…prone lookin’ at the lights. Now, does that look like a champion?” When Johnny didn’t immediately respond, the Chief continued to push the point. Wahoo asked, “What do you have to say about that Valentine, you see it? You’re not on the winning end now, what’s the matter…you lost for words?” Menacker joined in, “Yeah, you’re out cold there Valentine!”

A visibly upset Valentine fired back exclaiming, “You had no reason to come in that ring, you had no right in that ring and you attacked me from behind!” Wahoo countered, “I only came in the ring to save the boy and you hit me, and I just retaliated.” The Champ followed, “Well, it will be a different story when you’re face to face with me.”

Menaker, now trying to keep order noted, “Look, I’m not taking sides. Listen, the fact remains John, you saw what happened there. He came in there to try and help.” Johnny would have none of it saying, “Well, it wasn’t his concern. I wasn’t expecting anything and he was able to accomplish something that he wouldn’t have accomplished if I had been watching him, which I wasn’t. I wasn’t expecting to be suplexed by the man with my own suplex.”

The Chief dismissively answered, “You know, they should start calling Johnny Valentine ‘Alibi Jones.’ That’s when you can’t get it done. And all the time when he’s on the top he has wonderful things to say about himself, but when you’re laying down lookin’ up Valentine, it’s hard for you to find anything nice to say about yourself.” Johnny retorted, “Anyone can be hurt and upset when they’re not expecting something. I wasn’t expecting the suplex I will admit, and that suplex hurt because it was my favorite hold so it’s bound to hurt me too.” Wahoo countered, “That’s right, you should know that somebody else is gonna use it and if it does that much for you and somebody else should know the same hold and you should be able to guard against it.”

Wahoo McDaniel and Johnny Valentine had a feud for the ages.

The Champ was getting increasingly exasperated and fired back, “You can make sure that I’ll have guards up whenever I get in the ring with you; you’ll never suplex me again, that’s for sure!” McDaniel shot back, “I’ll tell you one thing, I know about three or four different type suplexes…little different from yours. But they’re all the same…you land right on your head!” A seething Valentine replied, “You just have no idea how deep I run; how deep my bag of tricks are! You don’t know how many tricks I have at the bottom of that bag; I’ll dig way to the bottom and I’ll have tricks you’ve never heard of!”

“I know you, and I’ve probably wrestled you more than anybody. You’ve beaten me and I’ve beaten you; you’ve hurt me and I’ve hurt you,” Wahoo commented. Valentine replied, “Yeah, but I’ve got stronger for it and you’re weaker…look at you! You look terrible!” Wahoo beginning to lose his composure shouted, “I’m in the greatest shape of my career!”

Trying to end the segment without the two grapplers coming to blows, Menacker implored the two legends, “Just try to relax a little bit gentlemen…we are showing some highlights of 1974 and I realize there’s a lot of animosity.” Johnny then gleefully poked at the Indian, “I want you to see some of the scars on his head…I put ‘em there!” Wahoo pounced on that and responded in kind, “Well, ask him about the broken fingers he got and look at them scars he got there…he wouldn’t win any beauty contests in Atlantic City either, I can tell you that!” Valentine edged closer to Wahoo smirking, “Well, you got some more comin’!” The Chief then pressed his nose to Valentine’s snarling, “I can hardly wait!”

As Menacker bid the fans goodbye and the segment went to commercial, I couldn’t help but wonder if the verbal sparring between the Champ and the Chief would lead to immediate blows during the break, or rather if they would save the physicality for inside the squared circle in the New Year of 1975. For two all-time greats that weren’t necessarily blessed with the gift of gab, this entertaining verbal exchange put a nice bow on the year of 1974. And you just knew that each would follow up these heated words with scorching action against the other in 1975!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Elliot Murnick Passes Away

Elliot Murnick (Facebook)
We are saddened to learn the news that Elliot Murnick, local promoter for Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1970s and 1980s, has passed away. He was 75 years old.

Elliot was one of two sons of the legendary Raleigh promoter Joe Murnick who had a long affiliation with the Crockett family and Jim Crockett Promotions. Elliot was an integral part of the family business, including promoting wrestling events in Raleigh, as well as Norfolk, Hampton, and Richmond, VA, and all points in between.

He was scheduled to appear recently at the Wrestle Expo event in Richmond, VA, but that event was cancelled. He had visited the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest event in Charlotte, NC over the last several years.

In the late 1970s, he and his brother Carl were regular ring announcers at the Mid-Atlantic and World Wide Wrestling tapings at WRAL TV studios in Raleigh.

He is survived by his daughters, Anna Price and Abigail Jones.

A graveside service will be held 10:30am Friday, June 23, 2017 at the Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery, State Street, Raleigh, NC 27601. 

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Elliot Murnick. Rest in peace.

Obituary / Information

Sunday, June 18, 2017

"What Happened When" Special Four Horsemen Podcast Drops This Monday

This coming Monday, June 19, Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson will present a special FOUR HORSEMEN episode of their popular "What Happened When" podcast on the MLW Radio Network.

The episode also celebrates the new book "Four Horsemen: A Timeline History", which has been an Amazon #1 bestseller in wrestling books most of the time since it's launch back on June 5th.

Join Tony and Conrad as they begin to explore the early years of the Four Horsemen from their inception in 1985. Conrad will use the book as a road map for all the important events and happenings along the way, and Tony will fill us all in on everything that was happening behind the scenes. Rumor has it we may be just getting started! 

The special Four Horsemen podcast with Tony and Conrad drops this Monday, June 19 on the MLW Radio Network, iTunes, and from wherever you download your podcasts.

Tune in Monday to "What Happened When"!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

First Annual Crockett Foundation Cup Tag Team Tournament Coming in July

Classic Pro Wrestling and the Crockett Foundation are teaming up to present the first annual Crockett Foundation Cup Tag Team Tournament in July.

The one-night tournament will take place on July 15 at the New Kent High School in New Kent, VA, and will feature some of the legendary tag teams from the days of Jim Crockett Promotions as well as some of the young talent of today.

Wrestling legends schedule to appear on the show (including a few who will be involved in the tournament) include Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson of the Rock & Roll Express, former NWA World champion Ronnie Garvin, Jimmy "The Boogie Man" Valiant, the "Powers of Pain" Warlord and Barbarian, the "New Fantastics" with Bobby Fulton, noted ring announcer Garry Michael Cappetta, and legendary referees Tommy Young, and Dave and Earl, the Hebner brothers.

Like the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup tag team tournament in the 1980s, the Crockett Foundation Cup will honor the late Jim Crockett, Sr., the long time promoter of pro-wrestling in the Carolinas and Virginia going back to 1937. Crockett, Sr. passed away in April of 1973, and his four children took over the company at that point, led by Jim Crockett, Jr. and David Crockett. Both Jackie Crockett and Frances Crockett were also involved with the company, and Frances headed up the family's baseball business as well.

The tournament is being presented with the endorsement of the Crockett Foundation in Charlotte, the charitable organization headed up by Crockett's granddaughter Debbie Ringley. Debbie is the daughter of Frances Crockett Ringley.

The big show will include a meet and greet session with all the stars, scheduled to start at 6:00 PM, followed by the tag team tournament with a bell-time scheduled for 7:00 PM.


Also that afternoon, the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast will present a Q&A Meet and Greet with former NWA World Heavyweight champion Ron Garvin from 4:30-5:30 PM, which will conclude before the Crockett Foundation Cup meet and greet at 6 PM. A separate ticket is required for this exclusive Q&A Meet and Greet event.

For more info, including advance ticket information, visit the following sites:

Crockett Foundation Cup:
Two Man Power trip Ron Garvin Q&A:

For more information on the Crockett Foundation visit
An Amazon #1 Best-Seller in Wrestling!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Interview with Conrad Thompson, Dick Bourne on "The Flagship"

Check out this two part interview with Conrad Thompson, host of two of the most popular wrestling podcasts "Something to Wrestle" with Bruce Prichard and "What Happened When" with Tony Schiavone. The interview appears both in print and online in "The Flagship", a military newspaper based in Norfolk, VA.

Part two of the interview also includes a brief interview with Dick Bourne about his new book "Four Horsemen", currently Amazon's #1 bestseller in wrestling books on that website.

Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson: podcast tag-team champs!!
Interview with Conrad Thompson 

Wrestling podcasts, websites and a four horsemen book 
Interview with Conrad Thompson and Dick Bourne

The Bruce Prichard and Tony Schiavone podcasts are part of the MLW Radio Network family of podcasts and can be heard through the MLW website, on iTunes, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

This Monday, June 19, Conrad and Tony will present the first of several episodes devoted exclusively to the Four Horsemen on "What Happened When." Be sure not to miss it! 

"Four Horsemen: A Timeline History" is available for purchase using your credit card or PayPal account right here on the Gateway in our online Book Store or on