Mid-Atlantic TV Summaries

Show summaries compiled by David Taub.
Podcasts hosted by Mike Sempervive and Roman Gomez.
Index maintained and updated by Dick Bourne.

Links included for corresponding podcast and video on the WWE Network where available.



09/12/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]
09/19/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]
09/26/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]

10/03/81 [Summary] [Gateway Article] [Not available on WWE Network]
10/10/81 [Not available on WWE Network]
10/17/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]
10/24/81 [Not available on WWE Network]
10/31/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]

11/07/81 [Not available on WWE Network]
11/14/81 [Not available on WWE Network]
11/21/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]
11/28/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]

12/05/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]
12/12/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]
12/19/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]  
12/26/81 [Summary] [WWE Network Link]


01/02/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
01/09/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
01/16/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] Park Center: The Mulligans!
01/23/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] Tag Tournament Announced
01/30/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] [Tournament Intro]

02/06/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] [Greensboro Tournament]
02/13/82 [Not available on WWE Network] [Charlotte Tournament]
02/20/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] [Richmond Tournament]
02/27/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]

03/06/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] The Brisco brothers arrive.
03/13/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
03/20/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
03/27/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]

04/03/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
04/10/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
04/17/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
04/24/82 [Summary] [WWE Network Link] [Wahoo & Muraco Win the West]

05/01/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
05/08/82 [Not available on WWE Network] [Anderson & Hansen Win the East]
05/15/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
05/22/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] Piper injures Jerry Brisco
05/29/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]

06/05/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
06/12/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
06/19/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
06/26/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]

07/03/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network ] Youngblood vs. Mosca
07/10/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] Piper vs. Brisco Classic
07/17/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] Wahoo & Jack Brisco Team Up
07/24/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
07/31/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]

08/07/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
08/14/82 [Gateway Article] [Podcast] with MA Gateway audio! [Not on WWE Net.]
08/21/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] Ric Flair vs. Jack Brisco!
08/28/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] Wahoo is the new U.S Champ!

09/04/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network] [Gateway: Jones beats Brisco!]
09/11/82 [Summary] [Podcast] [WWE Network]
09/18/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
09/25/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]

10/02/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
10/09/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
10/16/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
10/23/82 [Summary] [WWE Network] Paul Jones vs. Jack Brisco II
10/30/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]

11/06/82 [Not available on WWE Network]
11/13/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
11/20/82 [Summary] [WWE Network] Funk vs. Brisco!
11/27/82 [Summary] [WWE Network] Flair/Piper Confrontation

12/04/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
12/11/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
12/18/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]
12/25/82 [Summary] [WWE Network]

01/01/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] Rare Bruiser Brody appearance
01/08/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]
01/15/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]
01/22/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] Roddy Piper / Dick Slater Brawl
01/29/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] Conspiracy Theories

02/05/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] Lots of tapes from Charlotte
02/12/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]
02/19/83 [Summary] [Not available on WWE Network]
02/26/83 [Summary] [Not available on WWE Network]

03/05/83 [Not available on WWE Network]
03/12/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] [Gateway Article] Valentine vs. Piper!
03/19/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]
03/26/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]

04/02/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]
04/09/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] Target: Jim Nelson
04/16/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]
04/23/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]
04/30/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]

05/07/83 [Summary][Not on WWE Network]
[Summary][Not on WWE Network]
05/21/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] The Assassination of Pvt. Jim Nelson
05/28/83 [Summary] [WWE Network]


07/02/83 [Summary] [WWE Network] [Gateway Article] Final Studio Show

(Updates in progress.)

GATEWAY NOTE: Sometime in 1983, the listed dates of the Mid-Atlantic TV shows on the WWE Network begin to be off by one week. (We are still trying to figure out exactly when this began.) At that point moving forward, the dates listed by WWE network are one week later than the correct date of the original broadcast. On this page, the first date listed on these shows will be the WWE Network date, and where confirmed, we will add the correct broadcast date as well.

03/27/88 Clash of the Champions [Podcast] [WWE Network Link]
George Scott Booking Tri-State Special

Note: Our designation Not available on WWE Network means the show is not currently available in the WWE Network Vault. WWE occasionally goes back and adds missing episodes.

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Gateway articles about missing shows. [Shows Not available on WWE Network]

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WWE Network's archive of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling shows begins with the show that aired 9/12/81. Not all shows are available in the WWE Network vault. (WWE Network subscription required. 30-day free trial available.)

The Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast hosted by Mike Sempervive on the Arcadian Vanguard Network begins with shows in 1982.

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