Mid-Atlantic TV Summaries


We are beginning the process of building a list of summaries and reviews of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling TV, primarily as it appears on the WWE Network. Most of these reviews will be compiled and authored by David Taub. Where other information is available on our website(s), it will be linked here as well.

WWE Network's Vault for Mid-Atlantic Wrestling begins with the show that aired 9/12/81. Not all shows are available in the WWE Network vault. (WWE Network subscription required. 30-day free trial available.)



09/12/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]
09/19/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]
09/26/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]

10/03/81 (Not currently available.) [Gateway Article]
10/10/81 (Not currently available.)
10/17/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]
10/24/81 (Not currently available.)
10/31/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]

11/07/81 (Not currently available.)
11/14/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]
11/21/81 (Not currently available.)
11/28/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]

12/05/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]
12/12/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]
12/19/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]
12/26/81 [Summary]  [WWE NetLink]

(Updates in progress - - 1982 coming soon.)

Note: "Not Currently Available" means the show is not currently available on the WWE Network Vault. They occasionally go back and add missing episodes.

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07/02/83 [Gateway Article]