Mid-Atlantic / Georgia Talent Exchange

A summary of articles in our series about a 1977 talent exchange between Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and Georgia Championship Wrestling.

Part One: 
Paul Jones and the Hollywood Blondes (Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts) visit Augusta, GA on Valentine's Day night. It is the first in a series of Augusta cards to feature Mid-Atlantic talent in the coming months. 

Part Two: 
T-bolt travels from Georgia Championship Wrestling to make several challenges for the U.S. title and the NWA world tag team titles in the Mid-Atlantic area over several months.

Part Three: 
The Masked Superstar, Johnny Weaver, Tiger Conway, Jr. and "Professor" Boris Malenko come to Augusta to challenge all the Georgia title holders.

Part Four:
Georgia Learns of New World Tag Champs before the Titles Change Hands (5/9/77)
Augusta, Georgia fans learn that Gene and Ole Anderson are the new world tag team champions...before it happens! Blackjack Mulligan and Dino Bravo are also in for one night only. 

Part Five:
Paul Jones surprises Charlotte During Mid-Atlantic/Georgia Title Exchange
(5/8 and 5/16/77)
While working full time in Georgia for the spring and summer of 1977, Paul Jones makes a surprise appearance in Charlotte on a historic night.

Part Six:
Wahoo McDaniel returns a favor to Thunderbolt Patterson in Augusta (5/16/77)
After Thunderbolt came to the Mid-Atlantic area to team with Wahoo against Flair and Valentine, Wahoo returned the favor to help T-blot battle the Andersons.

Part Seven:
Ric Flair Comes to Georgia (July - December 1977)
Ric Flair made nearly a dozen appearances in Georgia in 1977 while a Mid-Atlantic regular. He often times would bring the United States championship with him.

Part Eight:
Rhodes and Slater Defend the World Tag Team Titles in the Mid-Atlantic Area - - Almost (10/30/77)
Dusty Rhodes and Dick Slater were scheduled to defend their NWA World Tag Team Championships in Greensboro after having defeated the Andersons for the titles in Atlanta. But the Andersons had other ideas.


In the fall of 1981 through the spring of 1982, Ole Anderson served as booker for both Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and Georgia Championship Wrestling. Check out this complete Georgia wrestling program from November 14, 1981 featuring a large amount of talent appearing on Superstation TBS from the Mid-Atlantic area.

In 1981, Georgia Championship Wrestling's Tommy Rich made several appearances in the Mid-Atlantic territory, including this one in Columbia SC where local promoter Henry Marcus made clear that one of cable TV's top stars was on his Township Auditorium card.

The 1982 Atlanta Regional in the NWA World Tag Team Tournament
The tournament played out in the Mid-Atlantic and Georgia territories, and included Florida as well.