The Legendary Champions, the Title Belts, the Complete History
Softcover, black & white, 164 pages

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In 1970, Jim Crockett Promotions introduced the Eastern Heavyweight title to pro wrestling fans in the Carolinas and Virginia. Four years later they changed the name of the title to the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight championship.

Within these pages you will find a complete history of that title, including a detailed account of every title change from the establishment of the championship until it was retired. Plus great photos of the legendary champions, some never published before.

The Mid-Atlantic area in the 1970s and 1980s was one of the top wrestling territories in the United States. Learn about the storied tradition of its championship and the legendary wrestlers who held it.

Details on over 60 title changes across 16 years: the angles, the controversy, the complete story. Over 50 photographs and dozens of newspaper ads, results, and posters.

Included is a breakdown of all four championship belts that represented the title, broken down into the five distinct periods the belts were worn, as well as the belt-makers that crafted them and what made them special.

Featuring the legendary champions: Danny Miller, Jerry Brisco, Rip Hawk, Ole Anderson, Johnny Valentine, Wahoo McDaniel, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Ken Patera, Tony Atlas, Jim Brunzell, Ray Stevens, Ricky Steamboat, Ivan Koloff, The Iron Sheik, Roddy Piper, Jack Brisco, Paul Jones, Dory Funk, Jr., Dick Slater, Ron Bass, Sam Houston, Ronnie Garvin, and many others!