Monday, July 13, 2015

Breaking Wahoo's Leg (And Other Transgressions)

Ok, this is amazing.

It's actually kind of sick, too. The song's narrator is all like - - well, I don't know - - like Satan meets Brian Williams. 

I love it.

The song is "I Broke Wahoo's Leg" by Sweet G.A. Brown. Some of the (brilliant) lyrics, as best I can make them out:

Well I'm the man that turned Hank on to heroine,
Yeah, I'm the man that broke Wahoo's leg,
Well I'm the man who taught John Denver how to fly the plane,
And I sold shotgun shells to Curt Cobain.

Well I gave Tyson twenty bucks for Evander's ear,
And I'm the dude that bought George Jones his first round of beers...

There are some other references to shoving Jimmy Buffett off a stage, something on Hank, Jr. and Jimi Hendrix, too. 

The song just rocks.

And by the way, none of us are safe; the devil reminds us that as soon as he figures us out, he'll get us, too. "Your vice is your undoing," he says, "and I'm here for you."

The video features a brief clip of Greg Valentine delivering a "bionic elbow drop" to Wahoo McDaniel. As any old fan of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling knows, the title of the song (which is the the second line of the chorus) is a reference to one of the most famous matches (and most infamous t-shirts) in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling history.

I have to tell you, I love the twisted idea of throwing Greg Valentine's evil deed in with all those other tragedies. I guess Wahoo's vice was thinking he could get away with taking the Mid-Atlantic championship from Valentine. He learned the hard way on that sad Wednesday night in 1977 in Raleigh, NC, that he couldn't for very long.

Sweet G.A. Brown is bound to be an old-school rasslin' fan. I love that, too.

- Dick Bourne
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

The song is titled "I Broke Wahoo's Leg" and is written and performed by Sweet G.A. Brown. It is from the album "Wordsmith" and is available for download here.

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