Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Harley Race Wrestling Camp 2015

Harley Race and World League Wrestling
Announces Naomichi Marufuji for 2015 Harley Race Wrestling Camp
August 24 -28

Troy, MO - Harley Race and his professional wrestling academy based in Troy, MO are happy to announce its fifth and final guest trainer for this year's week-long training camp. He comes from Japan and is regarded as one of the best wrestlers by today's standard. He is a former GHC Heavyweight Champion, GHC Tag-Team Champion, GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag-Team Champion, NJPW Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and has held many other titles in his career. He is one of the top professional wrestlers not only in Pro-Wrestling NOAH, but the world today. Harley Race is proud to announce the attendance of Naomichi Marufuji to the 2015 Harley Race Wrestling Camp!

Mr. Marufuji debuted in professional wrestling in 1998 training under the All-Japan wrestling dojo as well as Mitsuharu Misawa. When Mr. Misawa left All-Japan Pro Wrestling to start Pro-Wrestling NOAH, Marufuji joined the young company and was given the chance to shine - and he did just that. Becoming one of the very few wrestlers in that company to hold all 5 championships belonging to Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

Now, Naomichi Marufuji is one of the top stars in Pro-Wrestling NOAH, shown by his second reign as the GHC Heavyweight Champion in 2014/2015.

With the relationship between Pro-Wrestling NOAH and Harley Race/World League Wrestling, top wrestlers like Naomichi Marufuji are able to come to teach and advise the young generation of professional wrestlers and he will be at the 2015 Harley Race Wrestling Camp!

This year's training camp is set for Monday August 24th through Friday August 28th. Mr. Marufuji joins the elite list of trainers attending this year's camp as New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Gedo, Dr. Tom Prichard, and Ric Flair will all be attending this year's training camp! The cost for the camp is $500.00. Limited spots are remaining in this year's training camp and they are expected to go fast. For all information, please visit or call 573-392-4100. Sign up online at the website listed previously.