Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Masked Superstar vs. The Mighty Igor (Part 2)

by David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

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After the Masked Superstar's suspension was lifted, Igor tore into the Superstar on television and ripped his mask off, though with some quick thinking the masked man was able to preserve the secret of his identity.

Igor bearhugs Masked Superstar
Upon his return from suspension, Superstar told Bob Caudle, “I’m a little leaner, but I’m a little meaner. I’ve had five weeks, over five weeks, to think of Igor…and that’s all I’ve been thinking about! Igor…you’ve cost me a lot of money, you’ve cost me a lot of headache, you’ve caused me a lot of heartache. All I’ve been able to think about is Polish people! And I’m tellin’ you Igor…don’t get in the ring with me. Because what I did to you was unintentional, but it’s premeditated now. I’ve been thinkin’ and I’ve been plannin’ and I’ve been waitin’ for five and a half weeks to get Igor. Igor, when I catch you, wherever you’re at, you’ll wish you never saw this mask, you never saw the Superstar.”  Professor Malenko echoed these sentiments, admonishing Igor, “Stay away from my Superstar!!”

During the month of April, Igor and the Superstar met in the ring, but normally as part of action packed tag team and six-man tag team bouts that included Malenko and Kim Duk on the Superstar’s side. In many of these matches, Superstar would avoid getting into the ring with Igor at all costs.

To show how much the “Malenko family” wanted to get rid of Igor, on the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV show that was taped on April 20th, Malenko brought in a masked wrestler named “Jaws” to put Igor out of wrestling. Malenko told the viewing audience, “I have imported this fellow Jaws in here, and he’s gonna take care of Igor for once and for all! We’re gonna get rid of him; I don’t want any more menace to the Malenko family. When Malenko brings somebody in to do the job, he’s gonna get it done! He’s gonna destroy Igor for once and for all. He’s been a pain in the side of the Malenko family!”

The Mighty Igor dispatched Jaws with relative ease, and after the match told the fans, “Malenko brought in that…Jaws. And at the last moment I showed him what I’m gonna do to Superstar, but only worse. I don’t know this Jaws, but you see what I do. I’ve been training, and workin’ out real hard. Not eating so much sausage, but lots of effort towards Superstar.”

During the month of May 1977, Igor and Superstar continued to battle in specialty tag team bouts, such as elimination matches and Texas Tornado matches. The Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Wahoo McDaniel was Igor’s most consistent tag team partner at this time. There were also a few singles matches between these two in May, including ferocious battles in Roanoke, Virginia on May 6th, Savannah, Georgia on May 8th and in Charlottesville, Virginia at the University Hall on May 20th.

On the May 24, 1977 taping of the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV show, in another move to avoid facing Igor, the Superstar came on the set sporting crutches, and a cast on his leg. Announcer David Crockett was skeptical that Superstar’s supposed injury was legitimate. Superstar responded, “I don’t care if you believe me or not. If you don’t believe an honest man, you ask Mr. Malenko. Now Igor broke this, and everybody that’s been watching this program from week to week…it’s all premeditated. I was suspended for something I did not do purposely…it was an accident. Now, Igor’s got in here and boasted and he’s told everybody across this country that he was going to get even. And he purposely broke my leg. Now we’ve contacted the President Eddie Graham, president of the National Wrestling Alliance, and Mr. Malenko has a little notice to give to Igor.”

Professor Malenko then commented, “My lawyers are now working on the situation, and they’re going to get with Eddie Graham, and I’m going to tell you something. [Igor’s] not only going to be completely suspended indefinitely, but he will be suspended entirely for all time and forever.” David Crockett remained unconvinced, saying to Bob Caudle, “We’ll see about that. I just wonder whether his leg really is broken.” Caudle jumped in, “Well, the rumor is that it’s not, that he’s got that cast on really just to duck another match with Igor.” Crockett concurred, “That’s right; that’s what I think. But you know, we can’t decide.”

The following week on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling television, the saga of Superstar’s supposed broken leg continued. Announcer David Crockett said, “The Superstar is here, you’re not on your crutches now, but you still haven’t brought the excuse from the doctor.” A visibly upset Masked Superstar replied, “Every time I’m on this program, I get accused and you make all kinds of allegations that this leg is not broken. I’m gonna tell you one time and you better listen. I don’t have to bring you a certificate. I said it’s broken, Mr. Malenko said it’s broken, and our doctor said my leg is broken. Now, that’s all I’m gonna say about it. I’m not gonna bring in a certificate, because I don’t have to.” Crockett commented, “Well, I guess you’re not wrestling, then.” A highly agitated Superstar retorted, “As you can see I’m not wrestling…I’ve been suspended for the simple fact that I didn’t bring you a note, like a little school boy, saying I was allowed to come back. Now, as far as my wrestling, you’re going to force me to wrestle Igor, but only when I’m ready, and not before. When I’M ready…not when you say, not when you say, or not when the promoters say.” Professor Malenko vociferously added, “WHEN HE IS READY, and that’s all! There is no more subject matter to be discussed here!”

Can the Crockett's lawyers force the Masked Superstar to wrestle?
Stay tuned for the answer and much more to come in PART THREE!