Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Sunday Get-Togethers with Paul Jones, Ole Anderson, and J.J. Dillon

This past Sunday, September 3, the Gateway family had two different get-togethers that made for nice gatherings with Mid-Atlantic Wrestling legends on Labor Day Weekend.

First, Peggy Lathan and Paul Jones's son, Paul Jr., organized a reunion with Paul and Ole Anderson, as well as Ole's son, Bryant. They all got together at a restaurant in Commerce, GA. on Sunday morning.

A little later that same day, Dick Bourne got together for an early afternoon lunch in Charlotte organized by Debbie Ringley that included Debbie's boyfriend Scott and the leader of the Four Horsemen James J. Dillon! J.J. was in town for the big "Crockett Foundation Night" at the Charlotte Knights baseball game at BB&T Ballpark. Debbie is the grand-daughter of Jim Crockett, Sr. and president of the Crockett Foundation.  

Ole Anderson (seated) and Paul Jones (far right) enjoyed visiting again. Ole's son Bryant (far left)
and Paul's son, Paul Jr. (center) joined them for this special get-together.

J.J. Dillon, Dick Bourne, Scott Whiting, and Debbie Ringley enjoy lunch in Charlotte
prior to "Crockett Foundation Night"at BB&T Ballpark.

Peggy and Paul Jr. put the lunch together with Ole Anderson & Paul Jones in Commerce, GA

Ole Anderson and Paul Jones with Paul Jr.
Is Ole actually smiling?

Peggy had the difficult task of trying to keep Paul Jones quiet!

* * * * * * *

JJ Dillon will be appearing for Vanguard Championship Wrestling this Saturday 9/9. For details and links to further info, check out the James J. Dillon Appearance Schedule Page on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.