Sunday, October 15, 2017

Flagship interview J.J. Dillon - Part 3 "Yiorgio" Pantas recently interviewed James J. Dillon for "The Flagship", a military newspaper in eastern Virginia. The interview took place a few days before a VCW show in Suffolk, VA. We posted the first two parts earlier and now post a link to the third and final installment.

PART THREE includes JJ's podcast co-host Rich Bocchini in on the conversation and the discussion centers around JJ's new podcast, "The JJ Dillon Show"  on the MLW Radio Network. 

If you missed the earlier installments, you can check those out here:

Check out the final part of the interview with the Leader of the Four Horsemen as he discusses how his podcast came about.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone (
JJ Dillon and Rich Bocchini:
The newest podcast tag-team on the MLW Network

J.J.'s podcast "The JJ Dillon Show" can be found at MLWRadio or anywhere you download your podcast.

You can find out where J.J. will be appearing by checking out our JJ Dillon page right here on the Gateway.