Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jim Crockett marries Elizabeth Eversole (1935)

Carroll Hall recently published several newspaper clippings from the 1930s on his wrestling website regarding the marriage of Jim and Elizabeth Crockett, and we found Mrs. Crockett's story fascinating!

You can view and read the original clipping on the "All Star Championship Wrestling" website, as well as seeing other period photos of Mr. and Mrs. Crockett.

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Lucky Jim! This Time It Is Dan Cupid  
Bristol, Tennessee -  December 21, 1935

The Rev. Mr. and. Mrs. Findley M. Eversole of Bristol announce the marriage of their daughter, Elizabeth Jackson Eversole to James Allen (Jim) Crockett on Friday, December 20. The ceremony was performed by Dr. Robert Yost in the presence of close relatives of the couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Crockett left this morning on a honeymoon trip to Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, and Havana Cuba. On their return they will reside at the Hotel Charlotte, Charlotte, N. C.

The bride is the second daughter of the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Eversole, who spent many years as missionaries in Korea. Born in North Carolina, she lived with her parents for 14 years in Korea. She was educated at Pyeng-Yang foreign school, Pyeng-Yang, Korea, and at Stonewall Jackson College.

Mr. Crockett is a son of Capt. C. S. Crockett of Bristol. He was educated at Norman Park Institute and King College and is vice president of the Southeastern Company, which conducts professional sports in 20 cities in the South Atlantic states.

(See the actual newspaper article clipping.)

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Thanks to Carroll Hall at "All Star Championship Wrestling." Carroll collects and posts some amazing artifacts on his great website.