Wednesday, July 25, 2018

WRAL Wednesdays: Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Blue Scorpion (Part Two)

by Dick Bourne
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

Last week, we started a series of posts featuring some rare photos taken inside WRAL studio in Raleigh NC in 1975. Each Wednesday for the next several weeks, we will feature a new photo. Photos of this kind and from this era at the TV studios are very rare.

Following up on last week's photo of David Crockett's ring introduction of Wahoo McDaniel and the Blue Scorpion, here is a collage of three photos taken from that match, including a nice shot of Wahoo wearing the Mid-Atlantic title belt from that time period.

That belt is actually the Eastern Heavyweight title belt that was being used to represent the Mid-Atlantic championship. The Eastern title had morphed into the Mid-Atlantic title in 1973, and a new Mid-Atlantic belt was presented to then-champion Jerry Brisco. But at some point during the reign of Johnny Valentine, that belt was either lost or stolen, and the promotion pulled the old Eastern belt back into service. A new belt was eventually created in 1977. (For all of the specific details on this, see "The Origin and Evolution of the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.")

The exact date of these photos appears to be from the taping on Wednesday, July 9, airing the following Saturday, July 12, 1975. If you want to hear the actual ring introductions, check out the vintage audio included in last weeks WRAL photo post. it features the voice of David Crockett and Les Thatcher.

Next week, we'll take a look at the tag team combination of U.S. Champion Johnny Valentine and Mid-Atlantic TV champion Ric Flair!