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Madman Angelo Mosca Arrives in 1975

by David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

In November of 1975, fans of the Mid-Atlantic area were introduced to a fearsome newcomer…one who would wreak havoc in Jim Crockett Promotions for the next calendar year.

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On the November 26, 1975 taping of the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV show, announcer Bob Caudle began, “Fans, a tremendous athlete, all-American at Notre Dame and eleven years All-Pro...Angelo Mosca. Terrific athlete and a whale of a wrestler, but they call you the ‘Madman’ now Angelo!” Mosca responded, “Call me what they want, as long as they don’t call me late for breakfast...let me tell you something.”

Angelo then continued, “You know, when I was in my formative years I had a deed, and that deed was to have character and charisma which I did, believe me. And out of character and charisma you have a destiny, and my destiny was to be the best football player which I was…now I plan to be the best wrestler and in this area I will dress it up, I will be the best wrestler.”

The Madman then asked, “Who says Paul Jones is  Number One?” Caudle exclaimed, “Number One, Paul Jones!” Angelo countered, “Let me tell you something, you just let me tell you something...they have not seen the likes of me very often here. What’s this, third or fourth time? They’re  gonna see a lot of me, and they’re gonna forget all about Paul Jones because I will soon be Number One!”

Mosca bellowed, “l told you about my formative years and my deeds and my charisma and my character, therefore they have developed since my childhood and therefore I shall not lose and will not lose, believe me!

Caudle then noted, “You were talking about Paul Jones...look at Wahoo McDaniel up there just a minute ago, there’s another one for you.” Mosca quipped, “Let me tell you something about Wahoo McDaniel...he sat on the bench all those years in Miami and New York. You know why he does that dance?” When Caudle smiled, Mosca admonished him, “Don’t  laugh at me while I’m talking to you, you just hold the mic, you just hold the mic! Let me tell you something, the reason he does that dance is to get those slivers out of his behind, that’s why!” Caudle commented, “Oh, from sitting on the bench?” Angelo fired back, “From sitting on the bench all those years…I was a player!”

Caudle countered, “He’s a great wrestler, he’s taken on all the great wrestlers around the world, Angelo.” Mosca testily replied, “You want me to start naming all the great wrestlers I’ve taken on around the world? Gene Kiniski, the Sheik, just to name a few people. And I’ll tell you what, like I said, I’m here to dress up this area and I will dress up this area with my skills as a professional wrestler in the ring.” Caudle then conceded, “Of course we’re going to admit you’re great.” Angelo retorted, “It’s about time you recognized that!”

Caudle concluded, “But they’re a lot of great wrestlers around the area Angelo and it’s not going to be an easy task.” Mosca finished by saying, “Like I said, when you get the likes of 300 pounds put together with charisma and character, there is no way I can possibly lose!”

Angelo Mosca didn’t lose much during the following twelve months, becoming the Mid-Atlantic TV champion and along with Ric Flair and Blackjack Mulligan ran roughshod over many of the Mid-Atlantic fan favorites during 1976. And while Angelo appeared back in Jim Crockett Promotions for sporadic shots from 1980-84, to me, he was never as menacing as he was as that “Madman” that suddenly appeared on the Mid-Atlantic scene back in November of 1975.

 Originally published July 25, 2017 on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.