Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Seeking More Information on Jay "Dude" Walker

WWE Network Screen Grab

Updated Saturday 1/16/21

We're looking for more information on this fellow appearing with Bob Caudle and Gordon Solie on the Starrcade '83 closed-circuit extravaganza from Thanksgiving night 1983.

His working name on FM radio was apparently Dude Walker. He was a drive-time DJ for G-105 FM (WDCG), a top-40 radio powerhouse out of the Raleigh-Durham area in 1983. (Edit: WDCG originally stood for "Durham's Country Giant.")

Between early matches during the Starrcade '83 closed-circuit telecast, Bob introduced Dude to the audience and asked him what he thought about Ric Flair. Dude said he believed Flair would take the title from Harley Race that night since Flair was in his home area, and indicated that everyone at G-105 was behind the Nature Boy.

But of more interest to us is the fact that Dude also briefly hosted some of the local promo interviews for Jim Crockett Promotions in the fall of 1983 and in 1984 that were taped at the makeshift garage studio on Briarbend Drive in Charlotte, although Tony Schiavone was still doing them at the time, too. But that  stint makes him part of the historical roster of announcers in the Crockett studio era. (Edit: In some 1984 promo segments, wrestlers referred to him as Jay. So possibly his name was Jay Walker.)

We googled Dude Walker and came across several radio personalities with that name, which apparently must have been a thing in radio. Who knew? But none of them were our guy.

Edit: Of note to point out, Gateway visitor Travis Tarrant recalls that in late 1982 and early 1983, G-105 would interview a few wrestlers after the matches had finished at the Raleigh Civic Center. It may have been Dude Walker conducting those interviews.

If you have any information on Jay/Dude Walker, we'd love to know more about him. You can contact us via the Contact Page on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.

Some interesting tidbits about G-105 FM and why there may have been a tie-in with Jim Crockett Promotions during Starrcade '83: 

They have had several formats over the decades including country and rock, but became a top-40 station in 1981 1978 and became a 100,000 watt powerhouse in 1982 when they began transmitting on the WRDU-TV tower in Chatham County. 

They were one of the first stations in their market to operate a dual-city license with their primary market being Raleigh-Durham, but also with a special signal going into the Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem market. During this era of the first Starrcade, they were one of the most powerful and popular radio stations in central NC and the Piedmont. 

This may have been why they partnered with JCP to promote the first Starrcade, given their reach and popularity across the immediate area around Greensboro.

They are still around, a top-40 iHeart radio station based out of Raleigh and licensed out of Durham, NC.

If you have any information on Jay/Dude Walker, we'd love to know more about him. You can contact us via the Contact Page on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.

Thanks to those who have provided additional information, including Joe DiGiacomo and Travis Tarrant.

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