Saturday, May 15, 2021

Poster: The Anderson Brothers battle the Mongols in Roanoke

by Brack Beasley
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

Here is a poster promoting a great card from the Roanoke, VA Civic Center on May 1, 1976. 

This was a unique double main event with a chain match followed by a cage match. Such a promotion usually meant there would be plenty of bloodshed and I'm confident that was the case this Saturday night in Roanoke.  

The Mongols and the Anderson Brothers continued their famous feud of 1976 locked in a steel cage. I wonder who the fans in Roanoke were pulling for? 

Wahoo McDaniel was known for his strap matches, but on this night he faced the Great Malenko in his specialty, the chain match. This was nothing new for Wahoo and Malenko as they competed in  both types of matches all over the state of Texas in 1970. 

Wahoo would regain the Mid Atlantic title from Ric Flair two nights later on May 3rd in Charlotte, NC. 

The layout on this poster is pretty basic with all black print on a light pink background and words at the top "Roanoke Sports Club Presents," found on Roanoke posters for many years.


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Gateway Notes: 

Roanoke was final battle ground for these two teams that had been battling off and on for months by the time of this battle in May 1976. They would have one more battle many months later that also took place in Roanoke.

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