Friday, December 10, 2021

Poster: Early Wahoo/Flair Face-Off in 1974 Tag Team Action

by Brack Beasley
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

Let's go back to the Twin City of Winston-Salem, NC with this poster promoting a card held on Friday October 18th, 1974. It was one of the earlier matches with Ric Flair and Wahoo McDaniel as opponents, albeit in tag team action. 


The Nature Boy's partner in the main event was the Super Destroyer (Don Jardine) and the Big Chief would team with Sonny King. 

The semi-main event was a big six man tag affair featuring Rip Hawk, Art Nelson, and Chuck O'Connor (future Big John Studd) against Paul Jones, Swede Hanson, and Johnny Weaver while preliminaries consisted of three singles match-ups that included Abe Jacobs, Cowboy Parker, and Bob Bruggers. Bruggers was a former teammate of Wahoo on the NFL expansion Miami Dolphins of the late 1960s. 

The poster has an attractive horizontal design with black print on a pink background and the date, the four main eventers, and the "Wrestling" splash really stands out in high impact red. It's neat to see how Southern Poster laid out the tag teams side by side instead of over and under with a vertical "Versus" in between. The six great images of the Mid Atlantic stars of the day help complete this classic.