Saturday, June 18, 2022

Poster: Wahoo and Andre battle Flair and Valentine

by Jody Shifflett
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

Here is another great card from UVA's University Hall, aka "The Clam Shell." It took place Friday, July 8, 1977.

In my opinion this was a dream team against a dream team. You take the largest athlete in the world at the time, Andre The Giant, and the real baddest man on the planet, Wahoo McDaniel, and put them against Ric Flair and Greg Valentine and you have have what could only be absolute pandemonium.  

I checked the results and it did not say who won but I can only imagine Wahoo and Andre were probably the victors. 

A great under-card featuring Mr. Wrestling Tim Woods, Danny Miller, and a young Tully Blanchard. 

Great yellow to light pink colors and an 8:00 PM start time, and not the famous 8:15 PM of that era.