Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Headed to Waterloo

 The Mid-Atlantic Gateway is on a mid-summer publishing hiatus. We look forward to being back with you soon with more great Mid-Atlantic Wrestling memories. 

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I am extremely honored to be receiving the 2022 James C. Melby Award from the Tragos-Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and look forward to being in Waterloo, Iowa, in July for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction Weekend.
It is humbling to be recognized with an award previously given to others for whom I have such enormous respect.  - Dick Bourne

Tragos/Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Announces 2022 Melby Award Winner
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

Dick Bourne announced as 2022 Melby Award winner
Slam Wrestling | Posted by Greg Oliver | Dec 30, 2021

Visit to the Tragos-Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame
by Andy McDaniel, with lots of photos

National Wrestling Hall of Fame   |   Dan Gable Museum
Tragos-Thesz Pro Wrestling HOF Weekend

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