Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blooper! The Minnesota Matador!

UPDATED 9/19/15 8:30 PM

Can you find the blooper in this newspaper ad? It is a minor one, and it may not jump out at first.

The answer after the jump!

Asheville, NC
November 30, 1975

Actually, there are three!


The blooper that caught our eye first is the apostrophe after Ole Anderson's first name: "Ole' Anderson." We might have even let that one slide except they did the same thing in a 2nd ad for the same show. So someone clearly thought he pronounced it "O-lay" Anderson! As in, a matador standing in the center of a bull ring and waving the bull past him with his red cape - - - ole'!

They also put an apostrophe at the end of "Andre" in Andre the Giant, which wasn't necessary, but we thought we'd mention that one, too, since it demonstrates the phonetic thought to Ole's as well.

But after this blooper had first been posted, we started getting emails from alert readers who had noticed at least two other bloopers in this ad - -

(1) Black Jack MALLIGAN
(2) ROBORTO Soto (with perhaps another stray apostrophe after his name, too.)

Ron and Kelly were the first two to email us on MALLIGAN. Ron noticed ROBORTO, too. But MALLIGAN may be the best of the bunch.

So like the Matador who waves the bull by with his cape, we say to Ron and Kelly - - - Ole'!!!  We spotted Ole' Anderson and then couldn't see the forest for the trees as the old expression goes. Thanks for keeping us honest on the bloopers. (Any others we don't see??)

We laughed about Ole' during our "NWA board meeting" lunch at Smithfield's Chicken 'N BBQ - - -

Ole' Anderson - - the Minnesota Matador!

More bloopers to come! (And more bloopers here.)