Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Teams That Never Held the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles (But Should Have) - #4

by Dick Bourne and David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

We continue our countdown of the 5 teams that competed in the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling area that never held the Mid-Atlantic tag team championships - - but should have. For our explanation of the process and our thinking behind this countdown, visit the original page here.

We've selected five teams that we felt fit that mold and should have been recognized or rewarded by the booker or the promotion with the Mid-Atlantic tag team championships but for whatever reason were never given that shot.

We are going to spotlight those five teams over the next few weeks, counting down to the number one team we thought should have been given that championship - - but wasn't.

Last week we discussed #5, the brother team of Randy and Lanny Poffo. This week we take a look at another brother team, although originally, fans didn't know they were brothers. 

NUMBER FOUR: Roberto and Manuel Soto (El Rayo)

Manuel and Roberto Soto
as Louisiana Tag Champs
DC: At the very beginning of 1976, it looked like this high flying duo would be a major threat to the World Tag Team Champions Gene and Ole Anderson. After coming close to upsetting the Anderson's, the "Soto Brothers" team lost steam, particularly after El Rayo unmasked to reveal himself to be Roberto's brother, Manuel. Regardless, the Soto's exciting ring style would have made them formidable Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, when the area's landscape was filled with talented tag teams.

DB: This great tag team from Puerto Rico earned several shots at the world tag team titles in great matches with the Anderson Brothers. El Rayo unmasked on TV to reveal himself to be Roberto's brother Manuel Soto. These two had a style unique to the area, especially for that time. One of the most "high-flying" teams we had here in those years, they held great promise for a short time, but could have greatly benefitted from a small push as Mid-Atlantic tag champs.

Next time: We look at a team that held regional championships elsewhere, but didn't here. They should have! Joins us in a few days when we take a look at team #3 in our countdown.

The countdown so far:

4. Roberto and Manuel Soto (El Rayo)