Monday, March 14, 2016

Slam! Wrestling: Charlie Fulton Obituary

Journeyman Charlie Fulton passes
by Greg Oliver, Slam Wrestling

Charlie Fulton, who died yesterday, was a role player in the wrestling business, making his way up and down cards on a full-time basis from 1968 to 1985, and then occasionally donning the tights until 1992. While he was proud of his longevity, there was a “What If?” factor for Fulton too.

“The way I worked, if I had been born about 10 years earlier—I was born in 1949—and if I was born in ’39, this might sound silly to you, but right around 1959, 1960, if I had gotten into the business, I would have been working, and that’s when guys like Buddy Rogers and Buddy Austin and Magnificent Maurice, Johnny Barend, and all these guys were. I’d have loved to have been in that time,” he confessed in 2011…..

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