Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Meeting Baby Doll

by Peggy Lathan
Special to the Mid-Atlantic Gateway

As I'm sure everyone remembers, back in 1985, Baby Doll "The Perfect 10" was introduced to the Mid-Atlantic area.  I remember well the introductory video of her getting out of that Lear Jet. Well, let me tell you how I first met Baby Doll.

One Saturday night, I was going to Charlotte to see Alabama in concert.  One of my wrestling friends was out of town that night and said that I was welcome to stay at his apartment to save us money on a hotel.  Needless to say, I took him up on that offer.

I got to Charlotte mid-afternoon on Saturday and went to the apartment  and was just putting the key in the front door and all of a sudden the door opens and there stands Baby Doll glaring at me saying "What are you doing here?  How did you get this key?"  I was speechless and I'm sure you can imagine the looks on my face.  I started stammering and stuttering, trying to explain that I had permission to stay there after the concert, etc., thinking, "Oh Lord! She's going to beat me up!"

After a few seconds (and what seemed like a few hours from my point of view), Baby Doll started laughing and invited me in.  She and my wrestling friend had pulled one over on me and everyone had a good laugh about it. I have to say, that was a priceless experience.

I went on to the concert and the next day, Nickla (who, by the way,  is a GREAT cook) baked Cornish Hens and also made some kind of Tex/Mex hot & spicy food that could make your eyes water and open up your sinuses!  Gosh - that was good - Yummy!

And to top off a great weekend, it snowed that Saturday night, and you all know that made me happy! 

And thus began a friendship that has lasted over 25 years and I'm very honored and proud to call Nickla my friend.