Monday, July 18, 2016

All Star Wrestling in 1968

While the Mid-Atlantic Gateway's main focus is on the 1970s and 1980s in the old Mid-Atlantic territory, we occasional drift back into the 1960s, too. We call it the All Star Wrestling era. (You can click the 1960s tag at the bottom of this post and scroll through everything we've posted on that great decade.)

Check out the newspaper ad on the right. It's from the May 11, 1968 edition of the Grenville News in Greenville, SC, and spotlights "All-Star Wrestling" airing at its traditional time slot of 1:00 PM Saturday afternoon on WFBC-4.

"All Star Wrestling" was the name of the wrestling show taped Wednesday nights at WRAL in Raleigh and was hosted by Bob Caudle. Several years later, at some point in 1972, it would be renamed "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling."

Check out the two matches that took place on that one hour program featuring two of the top tag teams in the area. The Infernos, managed by J.C. Dykes, were one of the most hated teams at that time. The other match featured the top babyface team of the era in George Becker and Johnny Weaver.

Both matches were likely 2-of-3 falls, as most of them were at the time, which made it possible to fill up the one hour show. It was certainly a different time then. Something tells me that before that hour was over, the Infernos and the Becker/Weaver team got into a little altercation to help sell tickets to an upcoming card on Monday night at the Greenville Memorial Auditorium.

And a relatively new twist to "All Star Wrestling" in those years - - the matches were in color!

Special thanks to the Mark Eastridge and his research which makes the vast majority of the newspaper clippings on this website possible.