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Richmond Countdown #14 - 5/21/82

Chap's Top 15 Wrestling Cards in Richmond (1973-1986)
#14 - Friday, May 21, 1982
by David Chappell, Mid-Atlantic Gateway
Newspaper Clippings from the collection of Mark Eastridge 

This feature includes CLASSIC AUDIO from May of 1982.

I'm proud to share my memories of my personal Top 15 cards ever in Richmond. Join me as I count down some of the most exciting thrill packed nights of wrestling action the Mid-Atlantic area ever saw!

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The Richmond Coliseum saw its best card of the year 1982 when Jim Crockett Promotions rolled into town on the night of May 21, 1982. A major title changed hands, in addition to a number of other top-flight matches that made this card one to always remember.

The main event saw a brutal match where the great Chief Wahoo McDaniel defeated Sergeant Slaughter to win the prestigious United States Heavyweight Championship.

Slaughter had come into the Mid-Atlantic area during the late summer of 1981 after a tremendous run in the WWF. The Sergeant won the U.S. Title on October 4, 1981 and had held the belt in dominating fashion since that time. Just prior to their Richmond confrontation, Wahoo defeated Slaughter on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV in a non-title match to set the stage for the switch in Richmond. The TV match between Wahoo and Slaughter was one of the best matches that ever aired on television in the Mid-Atlantic years.

Sgt. Slaughter Promo:
"I knocked you down so many times, you had a cauliflowered back!"

The win in Richmond set up Wahoo for his second reign as U.S. Champion. The second reign was short however, as an injury put Wahoo on the shelf about a month later and Slaughter was given the belt back by the promotion as he was deemed the number one contender at that time.

 The semi-final bout saw Jack Brisco successfully defend his Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title with a hard fought victory over "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Brisco had won the belt less than two weeks before their confrontation in Richmond, and Piper was acting like a maniac in his attempt to get the title back. While Piper did not win the belt back this night in Richmond, the wild Scotsman would recapture the belt back from Brisco in a little over a month. These two had a short but heated feud in mid-1982, and there could not have been two more opposite personalities that ever squared off against each other in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Jack Brisco Promo: A Big Night for the Indians
"I took the title from you; I'll give you the first chance to get it back."

Roddy Piper Promo: You've Got to Pay the Piper
"Ask Wahoo, ask Flair, you want to go for the Mid-Atlantic Championship? Mr. Brisco you'll find out you've got to pay the piper."

An interesting and entertaining bout saw Angelo "King Kong" Mosca and Killer Kahn defeat the unusual combination of Don Muraco and Paul Jones. Mosca and Kahn had recently come to the area in pursuit of the World Tag Team Titles that had been held up and put up in a series of tournaments around the country. Mosca and Kahn performed well in a number of the regional tournaments that occurred in the spring of 1982. Muraco also came to the area as part of this ambitious tournament concept, teaming with Wahoo McDaniel to become one of the final two teams. However, Muraco eventually turned on Wahoo and denied the great Chief a potential World championship. During this match in Richmond, both Muraco and Paul Jones were "good guys." Jones would also turn in several months to have a heel run as the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, before winding down his in-ring career and starting his stint as Jim Crockett Promotion’s lead manager.

Angelo Mosca & Killer Khan Promo: Total Coordination
"Muraco & Paul Jones called us Ugly 1 and 2. We don't mind the name calling; you've got to get in the ring with Mosca and Kahn."

Don Muraco & Paul Jones Promo: A Promise in Richmond
"We want to congratulate Mosca and Kahn, who claimed they can walk and talk. Great fellas."

A very young but raw Mike Rotundo looked good in defeating "Private" Don Kernodle. Kernodle’s career was coming on strong as he was at this point one of Sgt. Slaughter’s two Privates, Jim Nelson being the other. After almost a decade of jobbing for Jim Crockett Promotions, Kernodle would be one half of the World’s Tag Team Champions by the end of 1982. Rotundo would also continue to improve during 1982, and was one of Crockett’s real stars on the rise during the early 1980’s.

The opening bout saw Mike Davis defeat Greg Moore. While Davis did jobs during much of his time in Jim Crockett Promotions, he did make some noteworthy strides during the final years of the promotion.

May 21, 1982 was a card that had something for everyone. An historic title change, and three matches on the undercard that featured tremendous action and suspense. A top 15 card without a doubt!

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