Friday, January 19, 2018

Action Figures Friday: The Hat and Robe!

by Dick Bourne
Mid-Atlantic Gateway
Photographs from the collection of Mike Simmerman

By far and away when people write us or post on our social media about their favorite angle form the 1970s in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, the one they bring up most often is the 1978 angle known popularly by fans as "the Hat the Robe." It's our favorite, too.

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We won't run through the whole story here. There is a detailed (and we mean detailed) article on the the whole angle and its aftermath that was originally published in 2004, and then updated and republished in 2015. You can catch up on that whole story by going there first if you'd like.

Mike Simmerman sent us photos from his custom action figure collection that re-enact the famous angle. PART ONE this week will feature Ric Flair tearing up Blackjack's hat. Next week, we'll see photos of Blackjack returning the favor (and upping the stakes) tearing up Ric Flair's peacock robe.
Images from TV captured by an 8mm home movie camera show Ric Flair wearing Blackjack
Mulligan's hat coming to ringside to talk with Bob Caudle while Blackjack Mulligan wrestles
in the ring. Moments later, the hat would be destroyed.
Afterward, Blackjack holds the remains of his prized hat
originally given to him by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.
Blackjack would soon get his revenge!

Next week! On "Action Figures Friday!"
Blackjack ups the ante as Mike Simmerman's action figures will paint the picture in Part Two: The Robe."

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