Friday, January 12, 2018

Action Figures Friday: Make Believe Gardens
This week we take another brief departure from Mike Simmerman's awesome collection of custom figures and photographs to take a look at another collection presented north of the border on the excellent Maple Leaf Wrestling Blog published by Andrew Calvert.

Barry Hatchet Photo

MLW contributor Barry Hatchet has taken some great photos of some custom figures on his custom designed Maple Leaf Gardens set. Similar to the custom designed TV studio that Mike uses for many of his Mid-Atlantic photographs, the little details in Barry's Maple Leaf Gardens set are what make these photos really work.

And Barry's detail is incredible! Right down to the 1980s boombox sitting at ringside for Jimmy Valiant's ring intro music. Plus ring steps, ringside table and ring bell, tag ropes, etc. Awesome stuff.

Here are two page links to posts on the Mapple Leaf Wrestling site with lots of incredible photos.

Make Believe Gardens !

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