Friday, April 06, 2018

Action Figures Friday: America's Team & The LOD

The Road Warriors with Gordon Solie on Georgia's
"World Championship Wrestling"
by Dick Bourne
Mid-Atlantic Gateway
Photographs by Donald Joyner

More than the actual figures themselves submitted by some of our collector friends, I've been most impressed with the backdrops used folks have created to present their figures. From the Crockett-era replica belts used by Jeff Jewett to the replica locations of "Make Believe Gardens" from Barry Hatchet and the incredible scale reproduction of the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling set and WTBS mid-80s set by Mike Simmerman that got this whole series started, it's what's seen in the background that makes these photos really work for me. (I love the custom little belts, too!)

So I was particularly impressed with Donald Joyner's recent submission of two photos that feature the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling set from 1983-1986 and the World Championship Wrestling (Georgia Wrestling on WTBS) set from 1982-1984.

Donald told us Mike Simmerman's work recently featured on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway inspired him to create his own backdrops for his figures.

Featured above right are the infamous Road Warriors, wearing their National Tag Team championship belts, on the set of "World Championship Wrestling" with Gordon Solie.

Below, we see "America's Team" of Magnum T.A. Dusty Rhodes with Bob Caudle on the set of "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling."

Magnum T.A., Bob Caudle, and Dusty Rhodes on the set of "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling"

Thanks to Mike Simmerman, Jeff Jewett, Barry Hatchet (by way of Andrew Calvert), and Donald Joyner for all of the great photos that have been part of Action Figures Friday over the past ten months.