Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Visit with Bob Caudle

Had a wonderful visit with Bob Caudle and his wife Jackie this past weekend at their home in Raleigh. Bob is doing well and sends best wishes to everyone. We enjoyed looking at some old Mid-Atlantic Wrestling memorabilia and even watched some of his old shows that are on the WWE Network. A true gentleman and a class act in every sense of the word.
-Dick Bourne on Mid-Atlantic Gateway Facebook 4/16/18             

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The above post was on our social media pages Monday 4/16/18 and it got a big response. Bob Caudle is beloved by wrestling fans young and old.

There were many very nice things said about Bob on Facebook. Some of his friends in the business had nice things to say, too.

"Great to see Bob looking so good." - Gerald Brisco on Facebook
"Much love & respect for my dear friend & former broadcast partner, plus I love that magazine cover I've seen somewhere before!" - Les Thatcher on Facebook

We love Bob Caudle. Nice to see so many others out there tell him that, too.

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