Friday, May 11, 2018

Action Figures Friday: U.S. Champion Paul Jones

Mike Simmerman did an amazing job creating this action figure, given that there has never been an official Paul Jones figure. He based the figure off of a Bruno Sammartino figure. (Ironically, both men recently died on the same day.) But what makes the figure work (and fools the eye into seeing Paul Jones) is the custom ring jacket and U.S. title belt. Great work.

Paul first won the U.S title in 1975 on the big annual Thanksgiving night card held every year in Greensboro. He defeated Terry Funk for the honors. Jones lost the title to Blackjack Mulligan in March of 1976 and the two began a year long feud over the title. Jones would hold the U.S. title on three separate occasions.

Edit: We received word late this morning from Peggy Lathan that Paul's son Paul Jr. loved seeing the photo of the custom action figure of his dad. That's a pretty special thing.