Thursday, January 03, 2019

Mr. Wrestling Tim Woods' Last Stand (Part 9)

by David Chappell
Mid-Atlantic Gateway

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Tim Woods made his long awaited return to in-ring action on the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling television program that was taped on October 31, 1979 and was shown in most markets on Saturday, November 3rd. Woods looked impressive in his return to the ring as he and the ageless veteran Johnny Weaver got the dukes over the roughhouse team of David Patterson and Bill White.

Later in that same show, announcer Bob Caudle spoke with Woods and his partner Johnny Weaver, along with Jim Brunzell. Tim had his "Wanted" poster in one hand, and he was clutching his baseball bat with Jimmy Snuka's name on it tightly with the other. Caudle opened, "Right here [is]Tim Woods, 'Wanted' Tim, and I tell you, you got you a weapon right here." Woods smiled and replied, "Ahhh, this is my best friend right now, called my 'ding-bat,' and this is going to be a very famous sports personality here because I'm gonna carry it with me everywhere I go, and it's specially designed to fit Jimmy Snuka and Buddy Rogers...and I mean fit!"

Tim continued, "And so far it doesn't have any nicks or bruises on it, but I expect that sooner or later there may be. I'm just telling everybody right now, they hurt me once, they hurt me twice ...but it's not gonna happen again. I'm deadly serious about this, and I MEAN to settle the score!" Bob responded, "Well I tell ya, I know you fellas saw what happened at the beginning of our program...they've got this John Studd with 'em now. All these guys are WILD!"

Woods paused, and then explained, "Rogers is a former World Champion, he has the capability, but I have never realized that the man is as gutless as he is, as he's got to hide behind somebody...if it's not a big man like Studd it's somebody like Snuka who's equally violent." Caudle then inquired, "I've got to ask you about the neck Tim; is it completely recovered?" Tim answered,  "Absolutely, for two months I've been doing exercises with my neck and believe me it's 100%, maybe even stronger than it was before."

Jim Brunzell then chimed in, "I just want to comment on a remarkable recovery that Tim has made, he's fully recovered and I know that in his heart he's gonna get even with Buddy Rogers. Buddy Rogers has manipulated people, used them to his advantage and it's gonna come to a quick halt when Mr. Woods gets a hold of 'em!" As Brunzell was trying to speak, Snuka, Studd and Rogers were up in the ring trying to interrupt him. Woods then ended the segment joking about Rogers' wrestlers saying, "He really got hit with a sack full of uglies, didn't he?"

Woods also made an appearance on the companion World Wide Wrestling TV show, and stood before announcer Rich Landrum with his baseball bat again firmly in hand! Landrum commented, "Speaking of returning, you've got something you want...not return but give someone don't you Tim Woods?" Tim smiled and responded, "Ohhh, let me tell ya, this is my ding-bat here! This is my protector. Rogers and Snuka never go one at a time, if there's one of 'em there's always two of 'em."

Tim continued, "What this is, is just a little reminder [that] whenever they think about doubling up on me again...even though I appear to be alone I'm going to have the ding-bat with me and I have no reservations whatsoever about using it. You know, the interesting thing about this bat ...this was a gift from a friend of mine; it's unbreakable!"

Landrum added, "It's a metal bat." Tim then noted, "So I think maybe they ought to think about that...I've got a score to settle. I'd laid in the hospital a long time with a brace around my neck, in traction, but I'm back! And I haven't forgotten, and it's just a matter of time before I settle the score."

Later in the same show, Landrum gave Buddy Rogers equal time to address Woods' earlier comments. Rich told Buddy and Jimmy Snuka, "I was talkin' with a guy earlier out here, and he has a great big metal bat about so long, and he's got a big name right across it...and it happens to be this fella right back here!" An irritated Rogers fired back, "Let me tell ya, when [Tim Woods] steps in that ring he's gonna need more than a bat! Because what we did to him before is only a sample of what we're gonna do when we get him in that ring."

Rogers then added, "There's one thing he's got to look forward to, and that is to make another reservation in that hospital bed...and then he can put two more alongside of it. And the names on those beds will be Flair, Blackjack 'Hooligan' and you know...Tim Woods! Them three will be laying side by side I guarantee you, flat on their backs when we're done with 'em!"

Tim Woods would finally battle Jimmy Snuka and Buddy Rogers in the ring in November of 1979, but those battles would begin as wild tag team matches... to be continued in Part 10!

(Special thanks to Brack Beasley for the photos!)