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N.W.A. Official Wrestling Rules (1975)

The following is from a 1975 issue of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine.

1975 N.W.A. Official Wrestling Rules as Sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance

The count on the floor is no longer 20, but has been changed to a 10 count. The rule went into effect August 11, 1973. Intentional striking of referee will result in an automatic disqualification or suspension.

1.    No hair pulling, eye gouging, strangle holds or biting.
2.    No pulling of trunks, masks or any other equipment.
3.    No straight punches or kicks with point of toe.

NOTE:  Contestants who repeatedly violate any of the above rules will be disqualified. The following violations are automatic disqualification:
1.    Throwing opponent over top rope.
2.    Karate thrusts to the throat.
3.    The piledriver hold.
4.    Failing to break an illegal hold before the referee’s five count.
5.    The use of any foreign object.
6.    Any interference with the duties of the referee.
7.    Continuing to abuse a defeated opponent.
8.    Any interference by managers, seconds or corner men.
9.    Tag team save rule:  automatic disqualification when one team member saves another on any sure pinning or submission combination more than once.
10.    No intentional punching or kicking in the groin or kidney area.

The following maneuvers are legal:
1.    Judo chops, forearm blows, bolo punches, instep and flat-of-foot kicks.
2.    The use of the ropes to gain leverage – contestants may spring against ropes as in tackles and other such maneuvers providing the contact with the rope is momentary.
3.    It is legal to continue wrestling your opponent until he is clearly entangled in ropes and referee calls for a break (wrestlers cautioned to protect themselves on the break).


1. Contestants will get 10 counts on the apron of the ring and 10 on the floor.

2. Championships cannot change hands when the victory is gained by disqualification or count-out.

In any situation not covered by these rules, the N.W.A. will honor the judgment and discretion of the appointed referee.

$50.00 REWARD

For information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons throwing objects in the arena during wrestling matches.

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The preceding was from a 1975 issue of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine.