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Mid-Atlantic TV - October 31, 1981
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
on the WWE Network
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at 

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 10/31/81
(taped 10/28/81 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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We skip ahead two weeks. Have the 10/24/81 episode? Results for them? Email me.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett open the show, and we head to the ring with the match already started.

Match 1
Buddy Landell d. Charlie Fulton. 
The referee for this and all matches during the hour is Sonny Fargo, in a blue romper.
Landell still has his natural brunette hair. Caudle & Crockett announce the hour’s lineup: Valiant, Ninja, Ole & Gene! Landell wins with a pin following a gut-wrench suplex.


— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Jake Roberts and Wahoo McDaniel
Roberts talks about funny business with a recent World tag team title match with Gene & Ole. Apparently, Gene was wearing a mask. Jake accused them of funny business of either a switcheroo and Gene using a loaded mask. Jake and Paul Jones were the opponents. Must have happened on TV last week. Wahoo backs up Jake and offers to team up with him. He says he knows the Andersons fight dirty. Finally, they show the clip from the 10/24/81 match from World Wide. It’s Ole & Super Destroyer versus Jake & Jones. Grappler is on commentary with Rich Landrum. If you listen close enough, there seems to be audio bleeding through. Sure enough, Super D loads his mask and headbutts Jones for the win. Apparently, this was Super D substituting for Gene in a World tag team title bout.


— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Ole Anderson & Gene Anderson
Gene is holding half of the tag team title. Ole claims that Gene dressed up as Super D (huh? Some logic gap. If they were claiming that was Gene in a mask, how come Grappler kept on cheering for his partner?). Ole continues to threaten Roberts, Wahoo and Jones. The Network edit of Jimmy Valiant’s music comes in, then stops, then starts again as the interview concludes.

Match 2
Jimmy Valiant d. Ricky Harris
Valliant wins with the elbow smash. Network edit means we go to break real quick.


— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Ninja and Mr. Holiday
Jim Holiday, called Mr. Holiday here, says don’t call him Kabuki, call him Ninja. He reads a newspaper article explaining what Ninjas are.

Match 3
Ninja (w/Jim Holiday) d. Mike Davis
A little bit more than chops this time around for Ninja. Davis has a brief defensive flurry, before winning with the chop.

— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Ricky Steamboat; Bad Bad Leroy Brown
This is in lieu of the local promos. Steamboat comments on Ninja, saying he thought Halloween was on the 31st (well, this did air on the 31st). Brown talks about Ole Anderson.
Caudle introduces the next match via magic blue screen.


Match 4
NWA TV championship:
Ron Bass [ch.] d. Kris Markoff (w/Lord Alfred Hayes) by DQ
Markoff wears what best can be described as a water polo cap in Russian colors. Hayes, wearing shades, jumps in the ring. Bass fends him off, but the referee calls for the DQ.


Match 5
Non-United States Heavyweight championship: Sgt. Slaughter [ch.] d. Don Kernodle
A camo-wearing Jim Nelson watches from ringside. Kernodle puts up a strong fight, but Slaughter wins with the cobra hold.

— Int. w/Bob Caudle: Roddy Piper; Sgt. Slaughter; Ivan Koloff
Piper says everyone is afraid of him; a drenched Slaughter introduces his new recruit, Nelson. He makes him perform pushups. Koloff says he can take Bass.

“So long for now!”

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Results for the week of 9/21-9/27 after the jump......
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Results for the Week, 10/26-11/01/81 
(Source: Sports and Wrestling blog)

Mon., 10/26/81 Greenville, SC
Wahoo McDaniel & Jimmy Valiant beat Gene & Ole Anderson by DQ
Sgt. Slaughter beat Jay Youngblood
Mike Davis beat Ricky Harris
Vinnie Valentino beat Charlie Fulton
Tony Russo beat Don Gilbert

Mon., 10/26/81 Woodlawn, VA
Kevin Sullivan vs. Jay Strongbow
Blackjack Mulligan, Sr. & Jr. vs. Wayne Ferris & Bobby Eaton
Ray Candy vs. Doug Vines
Terry Taylor vs. Jeff Sword
Rick Connors vs. Tim Horner

Thu., 10/29/81 Harrisonburg, VA
Ron Bass vs. Carl Fergie
Ricky Steamboat vs. Austin Idol
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Roddy Piper

Thu., 10/29/81 Spartanburg, SC
Sgt. Slaughter beat Johnny Weaver
Jake Roberts & Jimmy Valiant beat Super Destroyer & The Grappler
Vinnie Valentino beat Tony Russo
Buddy Landell beat Jim Nelson
Mike Davis draw Keith Larson

Fri., 10/30/81 Charleston, SC
Nikolai Volkoff & Chris Markoff beat The Grappler & Super Destroyer
Jake Roberts beat Alfred Hayes
Vinnie Valentino beat Tony Russo
Don Kernodle beat Mike Miller
Mike Davis beat Jim Nelson

Sun., 11/01/81 Roanoke, VA — Roanoke Civic Center (3p card)
Ricky Steamboat & Jake Roberts vs. Roddy Piper & The Grappler
Blackjack Mulligan, Sr. & Jr. vs. Jeff Sword & Doug Vines
Plus 4 other matches

Sun., 11/01/81 Toronto, Ontario — Maple Leaf Gardens (Maple Leaf Wrestling)
No DQ match: John Studd beat Angelo Mosca
Ron Bass & Tony Parisi beat Greg Valentine & Ivan Koloff by DQ in a Texas tornado match
Killer Khan beat Paul Jones
Nikolai Volkoff & Chris Markoff beat Billy Red Lyons & Steve Bolus
Johnny Weaver beat Jim Dalton
Frankie Laine beat Deke Rivers
Goldie Rogers beat Ken Hill

11/01/81 Greensboro, NC — Greensboro Coliseum
Leroy Brown d. Sgt. Slaughter by DQ
Roddy Piper beat Ricky Steamboat to win NWA Mid Atlantic Title
Gene Anderson& Ole Anderson beat Wahoo McDaniel & Jake Roberts
The Grappler beat Jay Youngblood
Jimmy Valiant beat Ricky Harris
Ninja beat Mike Davis
Blackjack Mulligan, Jr. beat Jim Nelson
Buddy Landell beat Mike Miller

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