Friday, July 19, 2019

First Round Continues: Windham vs. Jones

Mike Rickard is writing a multi-part feature fantasy booking a big tournament that will declare the winner to be "The Greatest U.S. Champion of All Time." The feature will be a weekly post to the Canadian Bulldog's World website.

The tournament will go on all summer and will feature the 21 U.S. champions from the Crockett era competing in single elimination bracketing.

See the introduction for more information on participants and tournament set up.

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The first round of the tournament is underway with another most interesting first round match-up:

This one is bound to stir up some controversy!

Many younger fans might see this one as a one-sided affair, those only familiar with Jones from his work in the 1980s as a manager and then familiar with Windham for his relatively short but exciting run as U.S. champion when a member of the Four Horsemen in 1988.

However, those younger fans should remember that in his early-to-mid 1970s prime, Paul Jones was one of the top ranked wrestlers in the world, holding marquee victories over Jack Brisco, Terry Funk, Blackjack Mulligan, Ric Flair and many others.

But Horsemen fans in particular will remember that Horsemen may have never been so dominant as they were when Windham was in the group and held  the U.S. title.

So it's an interesting and test early on in the second match of the first round of Mike's tournament and no matter which way he sees it going, the result is bound to be controversial.  Go to the match-up.

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Introducing the Mike Rickard Greatest U.S. Champion of All Time Tournament 
by Mike Rickard, Canadian Bulldog's World

Harley Race vs. Tully Blanchard

Mike Rickard is the author of "Wrestling's Greatest Moments", as well as the autobiographical "Laughing All the Way to the Bank (Robbery): How An Attorney Survived Prison" and the new novel "Flunky: Pawns and  Kings." His website is located at

Mike recently wrote a nice review of our book on the history of the United States Championship. We appreciate that very much and are happy that the book was perhaps a part of inspiring this tournament.

Read Mike's review here.

You can order the full color book on here.