Monday, September 28, 2020

Crown Jewel Update

Our new book Crown Jewel will be out soon, and we hope you'll check it out. It will be available exclusively* on and via links in the Mid-Atlantic Gateway Book Store.

The book tells the story of both the famous NWA title belt in use from 1959-1973 as well as the grand title history during that time. The six champions who wore the belt were Pat O'Connor, Buddy Rogers, Lou Thesz (during his final reign as NWA champion), Gene Kiniski, Dory Funk, Jr., and Harley Race. You can throw Jack Brisco in there, too, if you count his one-week with that belt while the domed globe belt got new leather. 

But there is also the story of the near two-year period that the NWA was without a belt at all, following Lou Thesz's unhappy departure from the Alliance in 1957. His hand-picked successor Dick Hutton had no title belt at all for his entire reign.

The entire story, plus a treasure trove of documents, program covers, newspaper articles, and event posters. It's all there.

Crown Jewel will be on sale in early October. Follow us on twitter for notification of the on-sale date.

*If you can't or don't want to purchase on Amazon, you can contact us via the email address on the Contact Page of this website, and we'll get a book to you.