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Mid-Atlantic TV Report: January 22, 1983

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
on the WWE Network

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
TV Summaries & Reviews
by David Taub
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

This is a review of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as it appeared on the WWE Network. Results are included for the week (Monday-Sunday of the given week) as available. Please email with any corrections, typos, results, other details at Follow @TaubGVWire

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Original broadcast: 01/22/83
(taped 01/19/83 at WPCQ-TV studios in Charlotte)
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Match 1
Sweet Brown Sugar & Mike Davis d. Ken Timbs & Masa Fuchi

Match is joined in progress. Tommy Young is the referee for the hour. Sugar pins Fuchi following a flying body press.

Bob Caudle introduces the what’s coming on the show. We have a “slam dunk” contest in the hour. Next, is Dick Slater.

Match 2
Dick Slater d. Vinnie Valentino

Caudle says we have four tag team matches coming up. And the slam “dunk” contest. Jimmy Valiant will attempt to slam One Man Gang. So will Dizzy Hogan. Slater wins with the Boston Crab.


Match 3
Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood d. Jim Dalton & Frank Monte

Steamboat pins Dalton after Youngblood slingshotted him in following a blind tag. Not the smoothest finisher, but nifty nonetheless.


-Bodyslam challenge
Bob Caudle is on the ring apron talking to Sir Oliver Humperdink. Anyone, man, woman child, alien, who can slam One Man Gang wins $5,000.
Dizzy Hogan is up first. He gets him off his feet, but that’s it. Jimmy Valiant comes in. No music this time. Valiant gets him 1/3 of the way up. Valiant wants his music. Ah! The Network overdub plays, so no ore commentary. Valiant gets OMG up, but Humperdink pushes on Gang’s back falling on Valiant. OMG follows with a big splash. Valiant is convulsing, as Dizzy Hogan checks on him.

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Mike Rotundo
This is in lieu of local promos. Rotundo wants Ric Flair. “That may shock a lot of people.” Caudle tells Rotundo he his worthy, because he never quit against Leroy Brown.


Match 4
NWA TV championship: Mike Rotundo [ch.] d. Bill White

Caudle thinks Valiant would have slammed Gang, if not for Humperdink. Roddy Piper joins in on commentary. Says he won’t be on the ring. Asked why, he never gives a clear reason. He just doesn’t feel like it. Caudle brings up the incident a few weeks ago when Flair and Valentine roughed him up. Piper downplays that as well. Rotundo wins with an airplane spin.

-Taped comments from Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle
This is in lieu of local promos. Slaughter wants Steamboat & Youngblood. They’re willing to do it on TV even. There is a new word: Pain. And they spell it S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R and K-E-R-N-O-D-L-E.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Dory Funk, Jr., Greg Valentine
Caudle wants to know why Funk is here, when he has a ranch in Texas. Funk wants Flair. And, Flair is on the East Coast, so he will be too. He says Brisco has been his archrival. He wants the Mid-Atlantic championship. He says he doesn’t care if Greg Valentine is his sometimes partner. He wants the U.S. title too. Funk is wearing a holiday sweater and horrible combover for the record.
Valentine, in a sportscoat and fancy shirt, talks about the Mid-Atlantic talent. At the end, he insults Piper.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Roddy Piper
Piper apologizes for missing recent matches. He was in another country where they don’t take as good of their fighters as other states. Dick Slater butts in. Slater says Piper ahs no guts. Pipe rslugs Slater, who no sells. Slater slugs Piper who no sells. Another round each. No selling. Slater jumps in the ring. Piper takes off his shirt and follows. And, the brawl is on. Referee Tommy Young tries to break it up. The wrestlers in the ring just stand there. Young asks for help and finally, the other wrestlers try to break them up.
Piper is carried away from the ring. Slater rejoins Caudle and calls Piper a dog. David Crockett makes a cameo in the background.

The match awaiting in the ring was Johnny Weaver & Tommy Gilbert vs. Jim Nelson & Red Dog Lane.


-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Dick Slater
Slater is still upset. They are going to get nasty. He’s tired of Piper. But, he’s a man of his word. Piper comes back out, and the brawl renews. Another pull-apart brawl. This episode has a real Memphis eel to it.


Match 5
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco d. Ben Alexander & Ricky Harris

I guess the prior tag match was cancelled. Caudle recaps the Slater-Piper brawl. Jerry forces Harris to submit to the Figure Four.

-Int. w/Bob Caudle: Rick Steamboat, Jay Youngblood, Jerry Brisco
Steamboat says Jerry and Johnny Weaver has helped them. Piper comes out. He rants and raves about Slater. When Slater doesn’t come out, Piper leaves. Youngblood feels Slater has bitten off more than he can chew. Steamboat says someone is training them how to put the Cobra Clutch on, but he won’t reveal who. Brisco likes Steamboat & Youngblood’s chances. He also has a warning for Slater. Steamboat says there is a lot of red tape in their contracts with Slaughter & Kernodle. Mind games, they say.

“So long for now!”


Results for the week, 1/17/83-1/23/83
(source: Clawmaster’s Archive via Sports and Wrestling blog posted by David Baker; “Wrestling” newsletter by Joe Shedlock)

Mon., 1/17/83 Iva, NC
Ricky Steamboat beat Greg Valentine
Jerry Brisco beat Sgt. Slaughter by DQ
Johnny Weaver & Tommy Gilbert beat Red Dog Lane & Gene Anderson
King Parsons beat Bill White
Ricky Harris beat Frank Monte

Mon., 1/17/83 Lumberton, NC; Recreation Center
Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk, Jr.
Jimmy Valiant & Paul Jones vs. Sweet Brown Sugar & One Man Gang
Jerry Brisco vs. Pvt. Nelson
Plus other matches

Tue., 1/18/83 Columbia, SC;Township Auditorium
Vinnie Valentino beat Frank Monte
Bill White beat Mike Davis
Sweet Brown Sugar beat Paul Jones
Jimmy Valiant beat One Man Gang
Dick Slater beat Bob Orton, Jr.
Jack Brisco beat Dory Funk, Jr.
Tiny Tom beat Little Tokyo
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Kernodle by DQ

Wed., 1/19/83 Charlotte, NC; WPCQ-TV studio
World Wide Wrestling:
Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Kernodle beat King Parsons & Mark Fleming
Jerry Brisco beat Red Dog Lane
Dory Funk, Jr. beat Dizzy Hogan
One Man Gang beat Vinnie Valentino
Jack Brisco beat Ken Timbs
Greg Valentine & Dick Slater beat Mike Davis & Tommy Gilbert

Thu., 1/20/83 Norfolk, VA; Norfolk Scope
Tiny Tom beat Little Tokyo
Tommy Gilbert beat Red Dog Lane
Jack Brisco beat Paul Jones
Dick Slater beat Jerry Brisco
Johnny Weaver, Jimmy Valiant & Sweet Brown Sugar beat Greg Valentine, Dory Funk, Jr. & Oliver Humperdink
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Kernodle

Fri., 1/21/83 Richmond, VA; Richmond Coliseum
King Parsons & Porkchop Cash beat Masa Fuchi & Ken Timbs
Mike Rotundo beat Dizzy Hogan
Tiny Tom beat Little Tokyo
Roddy Piper no contest with Dick Slater
Jimmy Valiant beat Oliver Humperdink by countout
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Kernodle

Fri., 1/21/83 Charleston, SC; County Hall
Mike David & Vinnie Valentino beat Jim Dalton & Bill White
Tommy Gilbert beat Ricky Harris
Gene Anderson & Red Dog Lane beat Johnny Weaver & Mike Davis
Paul Jones beat Tommy Gilbert
Dory Funk, Jr. beat Sweet Brown Sugar

Sat., 1/22/82 Roanoke, VA; Roanoke Civic Center
Tiny Tom vs. Little Tokyo
$100,000 challenge match: Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Abdullah the Butcher
Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs. Jay Youngblood & Rick Steamboat
U.S. Heavyweight title: Greg Valentine vs. Roddy Piper

Sun., 1/23/83 Greensboro, NC; Greensboro Coliseum
One Man Gang beat Jimmy Valiant
Tiny Tom beat Little Tokyo
Jack Brisco, Sweet Sugar Brown & Mike Rotundo beat Dory Funk, Jr., Paul Jones & Red Dog Lane
Roddy Piper & Jerry Brisco beat Greg Valentine & Dick Slater
Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Kernodle beat Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

Sun., 1/23/83 Toronto, Ontario; Maple Leaf Gardens (Maple Leaf Wrestling)
Billy Red Lyons beat Jerry Bryant(13:52)
Johnny Weaver beat Tim Gerrard(10:21)
The Destroyer & Bobby Bass beat Rudy & Terry Kay(22:46)
Leo Burke draw Tony Parisi(20:00)
Big John Studd beat Tony Garea(15:02)
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Kernodle by DQ
Jimmy Snuka beat Ray Stevens(8:56)