Friday, November 20, 2020

Crockett Cup '85 Round Two Concludes!


Catching up? Here is the background info:
Tournament Announcement
Seedings and First Round Pairings

Updated brackets going into tonight's matches.
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(Second Round Matches #15 and #16):

- The Fantastics vs. The Fabulous Ones
- The Freebirds vs. The Sheepherders

The 1985 Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Tag Team Tournament is underway. Wait, did you just say 1985? It’s time to take a look at one of wrestling’s biggest events from the mid-80s and see what it might have been like with a few historical alterations. What if Jim Crockett Promotions hosted its tag team tournament the Crockett Cup in 1985 and included teams from promotions outside the National Wrestling Alliance (“NWA”) including the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the American Wrestling Association (AWA), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), All Japan Pro Wrestling, and more? In this case, you’d have 48 of the greatest tag teams in the world battling in a winner take all tournament for $1,000,000 and the prestigious Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Trophy. 

The first round saw 16 teams competing to advance to round two with eight teams making it in. Now, these eight teams will battle the 16 top-seeded tag teams that received a first-round bye. As we saw in round one, some wrestlers are willing to bend or break the rules in order to get closer to the $1,000,000 prize so expect the unexpected as round two continues.

Second Round Rules: Here are the rules for the round two of our tournament. A pool of referees from the NWA, AWA, and WWF have been appointed for the tournament and randomly selected for each match. The second-round matches have a forty-five-minute time limit and are sanctioned under NWA rules (throwing an opponent over the top rope is an automatic disqualification). The matches are one fall with a win obtained by a pinfall, submission, count-out, or disqualification. 

The second-round matches are being held over two nights. The first eight matches took place at the Richmond Coliseum on Saturday April 13. The remaining eight matches in round one take place at the Asheville Civic Center on Sunday April 14. Bob Caudle and David Crockett are calling the matches tonight but you never know which announcers from another promotion might show up. Our previous two matches featured “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and “Captain Redneck” Dick Murdoch (aka the Texas Outlaws) defeating “Gentleman” Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez (aka “The Dynamic Duo”) while the wily heel team of the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff stole a win from fellow WWF wrestlers Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Now, just two matches remain in our second round and you can be certain the competition will be furious as these four teams wage war to make it to round three. Keep in mind each team is battling for more than just bragging rights—they’re competing for the prestigious Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Trophy and a cool one million dollars.

Johnny Weaver is backstage with the Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton of the Fantastics. Johnny asks them how they feel about the chance to win the Crockett Cup and one million dollars in cash. Bobby says it’s a lot of money and there’s a lot he could do with it. Mom needs a new car and his grandma could get her first color TV. Tommy says a lot of people in the tournament might be underestimating them but they’ll be in for a big surprise once the bell rings.

The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton)
vs. the Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane)

Both teams shake hands before the match. Dick Woehrle does the usual pre-match preliminaries and the bell rings as Rogers and Keirn go into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Side headlock on Rogers but he bounces off the ropes and sends Keirn into the ropes where he catches him with a hip toss, turning it into an arm bar. Keirn struggles to slip out, but Rogers is putting on the pressure. Keirn flips his way out, reversing the hold. However, Tommy flips his way out, reapplying the hold. Tommy puts the pressure on until Keirn reaches the ropes, forcing a break. Bob Caudle says he isn’t surprised by the subsequent clean break given their history. Another collar-and-elbow tie-up sees Keirn go for a headlock but Rogers counters and whips Steve into the ropes. Both men run the ropes, with Rogers leapfrogging Keirn. Keirn comes off the ropes and hits a shoulderblock on Rogers, knocking him down. Armbar on Rogers as Keirn tries to pressure him down to the mat. Keirn changes things up and pulls Tommy to the Fabs’ corner, tagging in Stan Lane. Stan Lane climbs to the second rope and drops an elbow on Tommy’s arm while Keirn locks it up. Lane goes to change things into a hammerlock but Rogers escapes, hip tossing Lane. Rogers goes down to the mat and gets Lane in a side headlock.

Five minutes in and the fans are cheering both teams. David Crockett says it sounds like the Fantastics are the slight fan favorites. Stan tries to get up from the headlock, but Rogers is fighting. Finally, Stan gets to a knee as Rogers keeps the side headlock on, then to both his feet. Side suplex by Stan, but incredibly, Rogers keeps the hold on! David Crockett says Rogers refuses to let go. Bob Caudle says the Crockett Cup and the million dollars are a powerful motivator. Once again, Lane gets to his feet, and he gets to the ropes, forcing a break. Tommy gives a clean break then whips Stan into the ropes. Rogers goes for a dropkick, but Stan holds onto the ropes and Rogers crashes to the mat. Stan helps Rogers to his feet and it’s clear Rogers is dazed. Nice bit of sportsmanship David notes before Stan hits Rogers with an enziguri. Rogers collapses to the mat and Lane covers him for a two-count. Tag to Keirn who comes in and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Tommy. Steve picks up Keirn and drops his neck on the top rope. David Crockett says it looks like the Fabulous Ones are taking shortcuts. The fans are starting to boo the Fabs, but Steve Keirn doesn’t seem to care and smirks as he whips Rogers into the ropes and drops Tommy’s neck onto the top rope, getting a warning from referee Dick Woehrle. 

Ten minutes in as Keirn covers Rogers as Bobby Fulton comes in for the save. Woehrle orders Bobby to get back to his corner as Stan Lane comes in without a tag and hits a karate kick to Rogers’ mid-section. Bodyslam by Lane as he whips Tommy into the ropes and catches him with a Savate kick. Another cover by Lane but Rogers is close to the ropes and gets his leg on the bottom rope. Lane yells at the referee then stomps Rogers in the head. Lane picks Rogers up and hits a Russian leg-sweep. Another cover, but this time Bobby Fulton breaks it up, with Bob Caudle saying that likely would have been it for the Fantastics. Steve Keirn comes in and drags Rogers to the Fabs’ corner while Bobby Fulton argues with Stan Lane. Keirn uses the opportunity to catapult Rogers into the corner, dazing him. Steve gets in his corner and straightens out his halo as referee Dick Woehrle seems to ask him something. Steve shakes his head no as Stan Lane knees Tommy in the gut. The fans are chanting “Tommy, Tommy” as they try to rally the popular babyface. Keirn goes to suplex Rogers, but somehow, the Fantastic blocks it. Another try by Keirn and again, Rogers blocks it. Then, Rogers shows incredible heart as he suplexes Keirn with both men falling to the mat. Both are down on the ground and in the center of the ring. No one moves for several seconds but then Tommy starts crawling to the Fantastics’ corner. Stan Lane runs in and grabs Rogers’ leg, but Tommy kicks Lane with both feet, sending him through the ropes onto the floor. Tommy makes the hot tag to Bobby who runs in dropkicking Steve Keirn. Bobby races to the top rope and as Keirn slowly gets to his feet, Fulton hits the Top Rope Sunset Flip, covering him. Stan gets to the mat apron, but Rogers is able to intercept him. 1-2-3 and it’s all over for the Fabs!

Winners: The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton)

The Fantastics roll out of the ring as Dick Woehrle raise their arms in victory. Rogers and Fulton mingle with the fans, showing their appreciation for their support. 

Tony Schiavone is backstage with all three members of the Fabulous Freebirds—Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy, and Buddy Roberts. Terry says it’s good to be in the Mid-Atlantic area and he says I’m not gonna say we’re the greatest team in the world and I’m not going to say we’re the worst, but we can swing a chair better than anybody. Buddy Roberts takes the microphone and tells Tony they’ve been all over the country and they’ve been all around the world. There’s a lot of people who don’t like us and there’s a lot of people who do. Buddy says we’re gonna show everybody here in the Mid-Atlantic area just who the Freebirds are. Michael Hayes tells Tony “The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town and we ain’t here to mess around.” Hayes says he heard it through the grapevine that there are a lot of teams in the Crockett Cup who are running their mouths off about how inferior American wrestlers are. Well, the ‘Birds are always ready for a fight and it don’t matter if it’s the Russians, the Iranians, or the New Zealand Sheepherders. You can all get together cuz when you come walking down Badstreet, you’re gonna find why nobody has ever made it to the end!”

The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) with Rip Morgan (flag bearer)
vs. the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes and Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy) with Buddy Roberts

The Sheepherders are in the ring with their flag bearer Rip Morgan when the song “Freebird” plays. The crowd goes crazy as the Freebirds come out to the ring. Hayes and Gordy enter the ring while Buddy stays in their corner. Morgan backs out of the ring as the Sheepherders and Freebirds circle each other in the ring. Bob Caudle says it doesn’t look like either team is waiting for the bell to ring. Referee Paul Morton goes to check the Sheepherders when Williams and Miller charge the ‘Birds. The two teams start exchanging punches, kicks, and eye gouges. David Crockett remarks that the Sheepherders might be smaller, but they’re fighting like Tasmanian Devils, which is appropriate considering the team is from New Zealand. Bob asks David if he is thinking of Australia instead but David quickly changes the subject, pointing out that this is a wild brawl.

The Freebirds get the upper hand and knock both Sheepherders down. Williams and Miller take a powder, regrouping with Rip. Back in the ring, Michael Hayes struts in the ring then does the moonwalk, with Gordy motioning for them to get in the ring. After some stalling, Williams gets in the ring and slugs away at Hayes. Hayes punches right back as the referee steps back. Bob Caudle notes that Paul Morton looks to be giving both teams a lot of leeway. Hayes kicks Williams in the gut then bodyslams. Hayes drops an elbow on Luke but Williams seems to shrug it off. Hayes whips Williams into the ropes but the Sheepherder reverses it and when Hayes bounces off the ropes, Miller knees him in the back. Hayes goes down as Williams tags in Miller. Both Sheepherders whip Hayes into the ropes and catch him with a double elbow to the chest. Miller kicks Hayes in the head then whips him into the ropes, bouncing off the other ropes and catching him with a powerful kneelift. Miller picks Hayes up and whips him into the Sheepherders’ corner where Williams has an outstretched boot. David Crockett tells Bob Caudle the Sheepherders are vicious and they’re not giving Hayes time to do anything. Tag to Williams who kicks Hayes while Miller unloads with punches. Michael Hayes falls down in the corner and Luke drives his boot into Hayes neck, choking him. It’s five minutes in as referee Paul Morton starts the five-count and Williams breaks at four. Morton orders Williams out of the corner and as he does, Miller gets in a few cheap shots. The referee admonishes Miller while Williams throws Hayes out of the ring towards Rip Morgan. Williams starts arguing with the referee as Rip Morgan goes to blast Hayes with the flagpole. However, Buddy Roberts spins him around and slugs him in the face then whips him into the ringpost. Roberts checks on Hayes who gets on the mat apron. In the meantime, Roberts takes Morgan and hits a swinging neckbreaker on the cement. David Crockett says that might be it for Morgan. 

Back in the ring, Hayes is outside on the mat apron trying to get in. Luke Williams goes to stop Hayes, but Hayes drives his shoulder into Williams gut. Hayes gets into the ring but Williams whips him into the ropes. Both men clothesline each other, with them falling to the ground. David Crockett cheers Michael Hayes saying he’s got to get up and make the tag. Both Hayes and Williams struggle to get to their feet, but Hayes grabs the ropes and pulls himself up. He then dives and tags in “Bam Bam.” Gordy comes in like the proverbial house afire, dropping lefts and rights on Williams. Gordy slams Williams as Miller charges in, but “Bam Bam” elbows him, knocking him down. Both Sheepherders come at Gordy but he grabs them and delivers a double noggin knocker. Gordy whips Williams into the ropes and hits a devastating lariat. Cover on Williams for a two count. Gordy signals for the Asiatic Spike as the fans go crazy. They’ve no doubt kept up with the Freebirds thanks to the Apter mags. Gordy applies the submission hold, but Miller runs in to break it up. Hayes comes in and begins brawling with Miller. As the referee is focusing on Gordy and Williams, Hayes throws Miller into the ropes and Buddy pulls the rope down, which sends Miller flying out of the ring. Hayes gets back to his corner as “Bam Bam” lifts Williams up, piledriving him hard onto the mat. Gordy covers Luke and gets the win.

Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes and Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy)

Buddy gets into the ring to celebrate with his Freebird brothers as the crowd cheers. Michael Hayes takes Luke Williams and throws him over the top rope. He grabs the microphone and says “Time to toss out the trash!” as the fans cheer. 

Join us next time as round three of the tournament begins and more teams fall by the wayside in their quest for tag team glory and some serious cash.


Tournament Announcement
Seedings and First Round Pairings Announced

Second Round: Matches 1 & 2 (Tournament 17 & 18)

     Mulligan/McDaniel vs. The Russians
    Rock & Roll Express vs. Maharishi/Nagasaki
Second Round: Matches 3 & 4 (Tournament 19 & 20)
    Brown/Jannetty vs. Inoki & Sakaguchi
    Ole & Arn Anderson vs. Windham/Rotunda)
Second Round: Matches 5 & 6 (Tournament 21 & 22)

    Midnight Express vs. Hart Foundation
    PYT Express vs. High Flyers
Second Round: Matches 7 & 8 (Tournament 23 & 24) 
    Rude/Barr (with Percy Pringle III) vs. Kevin and Mike Von Erich
    Fujinami/Kimura vs. British Bulldogs
Second Round: Matches 9 & 10 (Tournament 25 & 26)
    Brody/Hansen vs. Williams/DiBiase
    Road Warriros vs. Lawler/Dundee
Second Round: Matches 11 & 12 (Tournament 27 & 28)
    Piper & Orton vs. The Oklahoma Cowboys
    The Funk Brothers vs. The Younglood Brothers
Second Round: Matches 13 & 14 (Tournament 29 & 30)
    Rhodes/Murdoch vs. Adams/Hernandez
    Sheik/Volkoff vs. Steamboat/Snuka
Second Round: Matches 15 & 16 (Tournament 31 & 32)
    Fantastics vs. Fabulous Ones
    Sheepherders vs. Freebirds


First Round: Matches 1 & 2
    Hennig/Blackwell vs. Mulligan/McDaniel
    Tyler/Whatley vs. Maharishi/Nagasaki
First Round: Matches 3 & 4
    Windham/Rotunda vs. Bockwinkel/Saito
    Rougeaus vs. Inoki/Sakaguchi
First Round: Matches 5 &6
    Barbarian/Graham vs. Hart Foundation (Hart/Neidhart)
    High Flyers (Brunzell/Gagne) vs. Savage/Poffo
First Round: Matches 7 & 8:
    The Von Erich vs. Blanchard/Abdullah the Butcher
    Tenryu/Tsuruta vs. The British Bulldogs
First Round: Matches 9 & 10:
    Graham/Blair vs. DiBiase/Williams
    Valiant/McGraw vs. Lawler/Dundee
First Round: Matches 11 & 12:
    Piper/Orton vs. Patterson/Fernandez
    Rock & Roll RPMs vs. Youngblood Brothers
First Round: Matches 13 and 14:
    Dynamic Duo (Gino & Chris) vs. American Starship
    Sawyer Bros. vs. Steamboat/Snuka
First Round: Matches 15 and 16
    Batten Twins vs. Fabulous Ones
    Weaver/Houston vs. Sheepherders