Monday, November 30, 2020

Mid-Atlantic Podcast Shines with Mid-Atlantic Gateway Audio

This year's Thanksgiving Day episode of the great Mid-Atlantic Championship Podcast takes a look at an episode of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling from August of 1982 that IS NOT featured on the WWE Network. In light of that, host Mike Sempervive utilized exclusive (and rare) audio recordings of that show from the Mid-Atlantic Gateway audio archives to cover a lot of developments taking place that specific week. Sad that the network doesn't include this show. But very fortunate that David Chappell has preserved his audio casettes from all those years ago. 

Mike Sempervivie and Roman Gomez host the podcast as part of the Arcadian Vanguard Network and cover an individual episode of classic Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as seen on the WWE Network on each of their shows.

This particular episode is considered a special episode, and Sempervive is solo to work through all of the audio we provided, including the local promos for a show at the Richmond Coliseum in late August. on top of that as a special bonus, audio from World Wide Wrestling that same week is also featured, as hosted by David Crockett and Johnny Weaver. 

Mike does a great job of putting it all in perspective and introducung each audio clip an putting things in context of the times. Things we hot that week as Roddy Piper had approached Jack Brisco, Jimmy Valiant, and Wahoo McDaniel about letting him team up with them. Paul Jones turns dirty (again!) It's one of Paul's greatest promos as he talks about money being important, but it's championship he covets most. Plus Sgt. Slaughter and his Marine Privates attack Wahoo McDaniel, Jim Crockett resigns as NWA President, the House of Humperdink is growing, and more!

Great special episode, don't miss it! And follow their incredible Twitter feed @MidAtlanticPod.