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Crockett Cup '85: Brody and Hansen battle The Oklahoma Cowboys

by Mike Rickard

Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor 



Quarter Final Round Match #3
(Tournament Match #43)

The 1985 Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Tag Team Tournament is underway. Wait, did you just say 1985? It’s time to take a look at one of wrestling’s biggest events from the mid-80s and see what it might have been like with a few historical alterations. What if Jim Crockett Promotions hosted its tag team tournament the Crockett Cup in 1985 and included teams from promotions outside the National Wrestling Alliance (“NWA”) including the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the American Wrestling Association (AWA), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), All Japan Pro Wrestling, and more? In this case, you’d have 48 of the greatest tag teams in the world battling in a winner take all tournament for $1,000,000 and the prestigious Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Trophy. 

The first round saw 32 teams competing to advance to round two with 16 teams making it in. Round two followed as these 16 teams battled the 16 top-seeded tag teams that received a first-round bye. Round three continued with the remaining 16 teams slugging it out with eight making their way to round four. As round four begins, let’s take a look at what to expect with “The Elite Eight.”

Fourth Round Rules: Here are the rules for the round four of our tournament. A pool of referees from the NWA, AWA, and WWF have been appointed for the tournament and randomly selected for each match. The fourth-round matches have a sixty-minute time limit and are sanctioned under NWA rules (throwing an opponent over the top rope is an automatic disqualification). The matches are one fall with a win obtained by a pinfall, submission, count-out, or disqualification. 

The fourth-round matches are being held at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The four matches will take place on Friday April 26. Your commentators for the matches are Bob Caudle and David Crockett, but as always, you never know when a special guest will show up. 

Round four’s second match saw Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express (“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey) steal a win from the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid). Now, the rugged team of Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen are set to take on the Oklahoma Cowboys (Tex and Roy). The only problem is that someone attacked Stan Hansen backstage during the second match and the ringside doctor doesn’t know if Hansen can compete. 

Bob Caudle and David Crockett are at ringside and discussing the attack on Hansen. Bob says there’s been a pause in the action as the medical staff look over Hansen. David Crockett says that it’s unknown what will happen if Hansen can’t compete. Will Brody have to find a new partner? Will Brody and Hansen have to forfeit? Bob Caudle says NWA President Jim Crockett is the man with all the answers and he’s backstage with Johnny Weaver. 

The cameras show Johnny Weaver standing alongside NWA President Jim Crockett Jr. “The Master of the Sleeper Hold” asks the NWA President if there’s any update on Hansen. Jim Crockett Jr. says the doctor is advising against Hansen wrestling. He doesn’t believe Hansen’s knee was broken, but he could do serious injury to himself if he competes in his current condition. The NWA President adds that Bruiser Brody will either have to compete by himself or forfeit the match if Hansen does not wrestle. A forfeit would lead to the Oklahoma Cowboys getting a bye to round five. Mr. Crockett says Hansen and Brody haven’t informed them of their decision so for now, the match is on. Johnny Weaver asks if the fourth match might take place before the third match, giving the doctor more time to evaluate Hansen’s knee. Jim Crockett Jr. replies the rules are strict regarding when wrestlers compete and unfortunately he can’t make any exceptions. Johnny Weaver thanks Mr. Crockett for the update and sends things over to Tony Schiavone, who is backstage with the Oklahoma Cowboys. 

Schiavone interviews Tex and Roy about their upcoming match, a match that may not take place. Roy says it’s a downright shame what happened to Hansen and if the Oklahoma Cowboys had their way, they’d give the team time to recover. However, professional wrestling isn’t for sissies and you have to take the cards that are dealt to you. Tex adds that sometimes those cards are aces and sometimes they’re deuces. Schiavone asks the Cowboys if they’ve heard anything about what happened or who attacked Hansen. Tex says he heard someone found a Wall Street Journal laying near the scene of the crime. Roy puts his hand on his chin and asks, “Now who do we know who likes to read the Wall Street Journal?” Tony says the Road Warriors’ manager “Precious” Paul Ellering is known for carrying one around. Tex suggests that might be what those in the detective business call a clue. The Cowboys take off. 

Bob Caudle tells Tony Schiavone that Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen have refused to give an interview and it’s still unknown if they’ll compete tonight. The Oklahoma Cowboys make their way out to moderate applause. 

Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen
vs. The Oklahoma Cowboys (Tex and Roy)

The ring announcer introduces the Oklahoma Cowboys before announcing their opponents. No one comes out and the fans begin murmuring. Memphis Wrestling referee Jerry Calhoun says something to the ring announcer as the Cowboys stand in their corner. The ring announcer says that Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen have a ten count to come to the ring. Otherwise, they will forfeit the match. The announcer begins counting as the fans join in, along with David Crockett. 1, 2, 3…no one is coming out. 4, 5, 6… David Crockett says it looks like this match may be our first forfeit. 7… Bruiser Brody runs out to the ring as Stan Hansen hobbles out. Brody charges the ring and lays into Tex and Roy as the referee signals for the bell and the match begins. 

Brody is punching away at both Oklahoma Cowboys as Stan Hansen limps to the ring. The Cowboys start double-teaming Brody with forearm uppercuts and punches, gaining the upper hand. Tex and Roy whip Brody into the ropes but the big man comes off with a double clothesline, knocking both men down. Brody covers Tex but he kicks out at two. Jerry Calhoun tells one of the Cowboys to get back to their corner as Brody chokes Roy on the ropes. The referee starts a five-count on Brody and he lets Roy go at four. Roy staggers away as Tex clips Brody’s right knee from behind, knocking him down to the mat. Roy goes to the Cowboys’ corner as Tex drops an elbow on Brody’s right knee. Tex stomps Brody’s knee as Stan Hansen finally makes it to the ring and gingerly gets onto the mat apron. Bob Caudle wonders if Hansen can even wrestle. Tex hits a leg drop on Bruiser’s right thigh. David Crockett notes this is a classic strategy when dealing with a big man, take him off his feet and eliminate his power advantage. Bob adds that with Hansen’s ability to wrestle in question, this might as well be a handicap match. 

Five minutes into the match as Tex tags in Roy. Roy presses his boot into Brody’s throat while Tex places Brody’s right leg on the rope. Roy drops a knee onto Brody’s leg as referee Jerry Calhoun orders Roy out of the ring. Calhoun admonishes Tex on his behavior while Roy drops an elbow on the inside of Brody’s right knee. Brody sits up and fires a punch at Roy, but he doesn’t have the leverage to get his full force behind it. David Crockett says the Oklahoma Cowboys have taken the fight right to Brody.  Roy grabs Brody’s right leg and twists it before dropping an elbow on it. Roy takes Brody’s leg and applies the figure four leglock. David Crockett says he can’t believe Roy is going for the move this early. Roy locks the hold in the center of the ring as Brody winces in pain. Roy cinches in the hold as Brody struggles to reach the ropes. Bob Caudle says that even though it’s early on, Roy can do some serious damage to Brody’s leg if he keeps the hold in. Two minutes pass as Brody somehow is fighting off the effects of the hold. He’s edging towards the ropes now and makes it, forcing a break. Roy takes his time releasing the hold and Jerry Calhoun does his best to extricate Brody from the painful hold. Calhoun says something to Roy as Brody uses the ropes to get to his feet. Roy charges in, but Brody connects with a big right that drops Roy. The fans cheer. Bob Caudle says the fans seem to respect Brody’s fight and the fact he’s just about on his own against two men. Roy gets up and charges Brody again, only to get floored by another right. Brody drops a big elbow onto Roy and covers him for a two-count before Tex runs in. Stan Hansen stumbles into the ring. It’s clear his leg is in bad shape but that isn’t stopping “The Bad Man from Borger.” Hansen slugs Tex then whips him into a neutral corner. Hansen walks towards Tex and starts choking him. Meanwhile, Bruiser Brody whips Roy into the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Cover on Roy but Jerry Calhoun is trying to separate Hansen and Tex. Brody steps in and the two big men whip Tex into the ropes, connecting with a double elbow. Calhoun orders Hansen back to his corner and the Texan argues with him. Meanwhile, Brody lifts Tex up for a piledriver but Roy clips him in the right knee again from behind. Tex and Roy grab Brody’s leg and drag him to their corner while Calhoun continues arguing with Hansen. David Crockett remarks that Hansen looks like he’s going to punch the referee out. The ring announcer states ten minutes have passed in the match. The Cowboys grab Brody’s leg as Roy holds it and Tex comes off the second rope, dropping a knee across it. Both Oklahoma Cowboys take turns stomping at Brody’s bad wheel. 

Roy shoves a boot into Brody’s throat, holding onto one of the top ropes in the Cowboys’ corner. Hansen returns to his corner and Jerry Calhoun sees what’s going on. Stan Hansen tries to come in but Tex runs over and nails him with a big knee, knocking him through the ropes and onto the concrete. David Crockett says Hansen is effectively out of the match now. Remarkably, Brody gets to his feet and he goes after Roy. With his work done, Tex comes over and delivers a double axe-handle to Brody’s back. A snapmare sends Brody down and Tex drops another elbow onto Bruiser’s right knee. 

Roy goes to apply the figure four leglock, but Brody rakes his eyes. Brody slugs him and pulls himself up, again leaning heavily on the ropes. Roy throws a flurry of rights at Brody, but the big man is shrugging them off. Brody unloads on Roy in a neutral corner as the referee starts a five count. While Brody pummels Roy, Tex unfastens the top turnbuckle cover, with the unforgiving steel now exposed. Brody ignores the referee so Calhoun gets in between the two grapplers. As he does, Roy kicks Brody in his bum knee. Brody fights on though and goes to whip Roy into the Cowboy’s corner but Roy reverses and Brody crashes into the exposed turnbuckle. Tex slugs Brody as Roy covers the burly brawler. Tex hops off the mat apron and holds Brody’s right leg down as the referee makes the count. The referee doesn’t see Tex as Brody’s shoulders are counted down, 1-2-3. Hansen is still getting up from the concrete floor and can’t make the save. 

Winners: The Oklahoma Cowboys

The Cowboys roll out of the ring as Brody slugs the referee. The Cowboys make a brisk exit (or what some might call running for their lives) as Brody scrambles for a chair. Bruiser throws the chair at the Oklahoma Cowboys but they’re running away, with the fans booing them for their poor sportsmanship.

Join us next time as round four concludes with the Texas Outlaws (Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch) taking on the Fabulous Freebirds. Which team will advance to round five in the quest for tag team glory and some serious cash?

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Original Tournament Announcement (May 2020)

Seedings and First Round Pairings Announced

[ Preview ] [ Brackets ]

Fourth Round: Match 1 (Tournament Match #41)
The Rock & Roll Express vs. Ole and Arn Anderson
Fourth Round: Match 2 (Tournament Match #42)

     Midnight Express vs. British Bulldogs
Fourth Round: Match 3 (Tournament Match #43)
    Brody/Hansen vs. The Oklahoma Cowboys

[ Scouting Report ] [ Brackets ]

Third Round: Match 1 (Tournament Match #33)
     The Rock & Roll Express vs. The Russians
Third Round: Match 2 (Tournament Match #34)
     Ole & Arn Anderson vs. Antonio Inoki and Seiji Sakaguchi
Third Round: Match 3 (Tournament Match #35)
     Midnight Express vs. High Flyers
Third Round: Match 4 (Tournament Match #36)
     Kevin and Mike Von Erich vs. The British Bulldogs
Third Round: Match 5 (Tournament Match #37)
     Road Warriors vs. Brody and Hansen
Third Round: Match 6 (Tournament Match #38)
     Funk Brothers vs. Oklahoma Cowboys
Third Round: match #7 (Tournament Match #39)
    Texas Outlaws vs. Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff
Third Round: match #8 (Tournament Match #40)

    Fantastics vs. Freebirds

Second Round: Matches 1 & 2 (Tournament 17 & 18)

     Mulligan/McDaniel vs. The Russians
    Rock & Roll Express vs. Maharishi/Nagasaki
Second Round: Matches 3 & 4 (Tournament 19 & 20)
    Brown/Jannetty vs. Inoki & Sakaguchi
    Ole & Arn Anderson vs. Windham/Rotunda)
Second Round: Matches 5 & 6 (Tournament 21 & 22)

    Midnight Express vs. Hart Foundation
    PYT Express vs. High Flyers
Second Round: Matches 7 & 8 (Tournament 23 & 24) 
    Rude/Barr (with Percy Pringle III) vs. Kevin and Mike Von Erich
    Fujinami/Kimura vs. British Bulldogs
Second Round: Matches 9 & 10 (Tournament 25 & 26)
    Brody/Hansen vs. Williams/DiBiase
    Road Warriros vs. Lawler/Dundee
Second Round: Matches 11 & 12 (Tournament 27 & 28)
    Piper & Orton vs. The Oklahoma Cowboys
    The Funk Brothers vs. The Younglood Brothers
Second Round: Matches 13 & 14 (Tournament 29 & 30)
    Rhodes/Murdoch vs. Adams/Hernandez
    Sheik/Volkoff vs. Steamboat/Snuka
Second Round: Matches 15 & 16 (Tournament 31 & 32)
    Fantastics vs. Fabulous Ones
    Sheepherders vs. Freebirds


First Round: Matches 1 & 2
    Hennig/Blackwell vs. Mulligan/McDaniel
    Tyler/Whatley vs. Maharishi/Nagasaki
First Round: Matches 3 & 4
    Windham/Rotunda vs. Bockwinkel/Saito
    Rougeaus vs. Inoki/Sakaguchi
First Round: Matches 5 &6
    Barbarian/Graham vs. Hart Foundation (Hart/Neidhart)
    High Flyers (Brunzell/Gagne) vs. Savage/Poffo
First Round: Matches 7 & 8:
    The Von Erich vs. Blanchard/Abdullah the Butcher
    Tenryu/Tsuruta vs. The British Bulldogs
First Round: Matches 9 & 10:
    Graham/Blair vs. DiBiase/Williams
    Valiant/McGraw vs. Lawler/Dundee
First Round: Matches 11 & 12:
    Piper/Orton vs. Patterson/Fernandez
    Rock & Roll RPMs vs. Youngblood Brothers
First Round: Matches 13 and 14:
    Dynamic Duo (Gino & Chris) vs. American Starship
    Sawyer Bros. vs. Steamboat/Snuka
First Round: Matches 15 and 16
    Batten Twins vs. Fabulous Ones
    Weaver/Houston vs. Sheepherders