Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Joe Furr


Greenville SC Memories
by Don Holbrook
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

About Joe Furr, one night in Greenville I had a long talk with him. He had already wrestled and came back up and was standing at the back. He said he was just “waiting for his ride” but at the conclusion of the main event that night they had a big run-in with all the guys out to try to pull Wahoo McDaniel and Super Destroyer apart.

Also, Joe Furr was kin to Jim Grabmire.  They were either uncle and nephew or they were cousins. Cannot remember which.

But anyway, Furr was an interesting fellow. Don’t know if any of you knew him or ever talked with him but he was a guy who’s voice didn’t sound like you would think it would. Gruff, so much so I almost asked him if he had laryngitis. He talked about how much he loved it here, more than any area he had worked.  

Apparently George Scott liked him because after George went to New York to book, Furr worked there for a bit.

* * *

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Don Holbrook is an occasional Gateway contributor as well as a history buff on late 1960s and 1970s wrestling in Greenville, SC. His mother worked for years in the Greenville Memorial Auditorium office and Don spent many afternoons hanging out there as a kid, as well as lurking around the entire place during those legendary Monday night cards every week in Greenville. He became known to all those in charge, which later gave him lots of great access and some great stories to tell.