Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Poster: Queens NY hosts Mid-Atlantic Wrestling (1985)

by Brack Beasley
Mid-Atlantic Gateway Contributor

When it comes to old Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling posters, this one could be considered somewhat of an oddity as it promotes a spot show in -- of all places -- "The Big Apple". 

It took place on Wednesday September 25th, 1985 at the Holy Cross Catholic high school gym in Queens, NY and featured quite a lineup of wrestling stars. Jimmy Valiant challenged Abdullah The Butcher (managed by Paul Jones at the time) in the main event while Terry Taylor and Black Bart fought for the NWA National Heavyweight belt in the semi. 

The remainder of the card included Superstar Billy Graham, Pez Whatley, Baron Von Raschke, Curt Hennig, and Larry Zbyszko. 

With a vertical layout, the poster has all black print over an attractive tri-color background and 4 wrestler images. 

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by Dick Bourne

Man, I'd love to know the story behind this very rare and very unusual poster. First of all, for the poster to promote "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling" and to be taking place in the borough of Queens, NY is a pretty big disjuncture in an off itself. 

Secondly, this line-up, which featured a card almost entirely made up of semi-main event and mid-card talent for that time in Jim Crockett Promotions (except for the AWA talent I'll mention in a moment), indicates it was a sold spot-show and certainly not part of a JCP plan to expand northward into the heart of WWF territory. Otherwise, it would have featured the likes of Flair, Rhodes, Magnum, Blanchard on top.

In fact, this card features much of the roster (other than Dick Slater, Buzz Sawyer, Jim Cornette, and the Midnight Express) that was largely relegated to the old Georgia Championship Wrestling territory at this time after JCP had purchased it earlier in 1985 and tried to continue to run it as its own touring territory. (The exception to that, of course, was Atlanta and the Omni, which always received a loaded card full of all the top JCP talent.)

Lastly, making this card even further a bit of an oddity are the unusual billed appearances of AWA talent who were not appearing for JCP at the time, including Baron Von Raschke, Curt Hennig, Larry Zbyszko, and Tom Zenk, an indication that the nearly defunct "Pro Wrestling USA" alliance of late 1984 was still a thing, if only held together by a thread.

Most of this same crew worked a show the next night in Staten Island, NY. 

What an unusual card and fascinating poster. Thanks to Brack for sharing this one.