Friday, June 19, 2015

Mid-Atlantic Magazine Covers in 1975

In 1975, Jim Crockett Promotions began publishing a program in the form of a magazine that could be sold at the arenas where the local matches were held. The in-house publication was designed, edited, and written by Les Thatcher, who by that time was a major support player in the Crockett front office.

These four issues made up Volume 1 and were all published in 1975. Volume 2 began in 1976.

Vol. 1 Issue 1 featured a photo on the cover of Paul Jones body-slamming Johnny Valentine in the Charlotte Park Center.

Vol. 1 Issue 2 featured eight different wrestlers on the cover whose photos were all included in the center of a Mid-Atlantic Wrestling logo. From left to right, and top to bottom: Paul Jones, Johnny Valentine, Wahoo McDaniel, Ric Flair, Ken Patera, The Super Destroyer (Don Jardine), Rufus R. Jones, and Ole Anderson.

Vol. 1 Issue 3 featured a statue of greek wrestlers on the cover with a Mid-Atlantic logo patch pinned to a blue velvet background.

Vol. 1 Issue 4 featured the first in what would be a long series of artwork covers that would span over three  years of the magazines. This featured art depictions of Wahoo McDaniel, Ole and Gene Anderson, Johnny Valentine, Ric Flair, and Paul Jones. The art continued over to the back cover where other wrestlers were featured.

Reprints of all four issues of the magazine are included in the "Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 1975 Yearbook",  available from the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.