Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Studio Wrestling Updates

Mid-Atlantic TV Show Wins Awards (1976)
Jim Crockett's television crew takes home the lion share of the 1976 NWA awards.

Bill Connell with Steamboat and Youngblood (1981)
Bill Connell appears with Johnny Weaver and Jay Youngblood at an annual Christmas Parade.

Television Wrestling History: WRAL-5 Raleigh NC

Sound Bytes: Ring Introduction by Carl Murnick

The Wonderful Voice of Joe Murnick
Our favorite TV ring announcer makes one of his classic intros of Blackjack Mulligan and Big Bill Dromo at WRAL in Raleigh.

Plus these updates from earlier in the week:

Theme Music: Raleigh Intro to Mid-Atlantic Wrestling (1973)
A custom into for the Raleigh version of "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling" featuring an introduction for host Elliot Murnick

Ed Capral in Atlanta (1972)
Prior to his stint for Jim Crockett as host of "Wide World Wrestling," Ed Capral was the longtime voice of wrestling wrestling in Georgia.

The Local Promos on Briarbend Drive featuring Tony Schiavone

Man Behind the Mike: Scott Clark from Wrestling Revue 1970

George Scott & Andre the Giant at WRAL in 1976

The Jerry Lawler Post Card from 1985

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