Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Never Let 'em See You Sell, Kid.

One of the greatest wrestling t-shirt designs ever conceived of first made its way on the scene at an Atlanta fan convention in 2009. It photographically depicts the various emotions of the one and only Ole Anderson. Except that each photo shown above each listed emotion is the exact same photo. Joy, sorrow, excitement…same photo of Ole. It is brilliant. It is wonderful. And it captures Ole Anderson perfectly.

Scott Teal of 1wrestlinglegends.com and crowbarpress.com designed the shirt. Scott co-authored Ole Anderson's auto-biography.

Brad Anderson recently saw a photo of the shirt on Facebook and loved it. Brad is the son of Ole's long time Minnesota Wrecking Crew tag team partner Gene Anderson.

"That's so great," Brad related. "Ole not selling anything!"

Brad was reminded of something his father taught him, both as it related to wrestling, and everything else in life: "Never let 'em see you sell, kid."

Gene obviously taught Ole that same lesson well.

The t-shirt is available at Scott Teal's Crowbar Press website at http://www.crowbarpress.com/t-shirts.htm.

- Dick Bourne
From the Mid-Atlantic Gateway Archives 

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