Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crazy Cool Replica Wrestling Posters at Crowbar Press
Our good friend Scott Teal at Crowbar Press has been creating some very cool replica posters of some of the great wrestling cards from years gone by.

Many different territories are covered and the posters are available in three different sizes (16x20, 12x16, and 8x10.)

My personal favorites are from the Mid-Atlantic and Georgia territories, but Scott has created these from all the major areas including Florida, WWWF, Australia, California and all points in between, from the 1930s on through to early PPV era.

The poster shown at right is from a famous show in the Georgia territory in 1980. Not only headlined by NWA world champ Harley Race against future world champion Tommy Rich (with special referee Lou Thesz to boot), it is the show with the famous cage match where Ole Anderson turned on Dusty Rhodes in one of the most brilliantly conceived, long drawn out angles ever. It served as the model for a similar angle in the same building a little over 5 years later when Ric Flair would turn on Dusty in a cage. That Dusty just never would learn. You can order this poster (without the watermark of course) in the three different sizes listed above.

There are tons of posters on Scott's site from all corners of the world and from some of the most famous cards and shows in the world.  Check them out at Crowbar Press!