Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Life and Times of the Richmond Arena

by Dick Bourne
Mid-Atlantic Gateway
from "Classic Venues" on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway Archive

I never had the pleasure of attending a wrestling match at the old Richmond Arena. I knew of the Richmond Coliseum, but not being from the area, I had never even heard of the Arena until I met David Chappell in 1998 and heard tales of great adventures he had attending wrestling shows there while growing up as a teenager in Richmond. Over the years as I researched old wrestling venues in the Mid-Atlantic wrestling territory, I began to learn more about this grand old building and its rich history in the city of Richmond.

Mike Harris of the Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote extensively on the history of the Arena for his newspaper in 1997 in advance of the building being town down. The building was considered an architectural gem of the early 20th century, he reported. It served many purposes over its 90 year lifespan before being torn down in 1997....

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Lots of interior and exterior photographs.