Sunday, April 10, 2016

Blackjack Mulligan on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway

Over the 16 years of the Mid-Atlantic Gateway website, Blackjack Mulligan has been one of the key guys we've focused on here and on the old website. He was one of the main players during the time we got hooked on Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. He's on our "Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Mount Rushmore."

We continue to mourn the passing of the great Blackjack Mulligan who was one of the true legends of professional wrestling, and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in particular.

The easiest way to see everything related to Blackjack on the site since we relaunched a year ago is by clicking his tag-link at the bottom of any story in which he is featured. You can also see all posts in which he is tagged by clicking here.

We both wrote short pieces after Blackjack's passing:
Gone on the West Texas Wind
Remembering Blackjack Mulligan

Mike Mooneyham wrote a wonderful column reflecting on Blackjack after his passing. It can be found on the Charleston Post & Courier website.

Here are some of our favorite posts on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway related to the big Cowboy from Eagle Pass, Texas:

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